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Mer images are made using a low-level tool called mic.

Some history: originally mic was the Moblin Image Creator, this evolved and was renamed mic2 for MeeGo, now the Tizen project is creating another, third, version of mic, but to avoid confusion (!) it will simply be called mic, not mic3.

Mer is using Tizen's version of mic.

mic uses kickstart files (also known as .ks files) to determine what packages to include and how to configure them.

mic provides several image types but the most useful for Mer are 'raw' or 'fs': (FIXME: Is this enough?)

this format can be written directly onto a block device such as a usb stick or an mmc device.
this writes to a local directory. If a device can be mounted and have a filesystem made (eg N950) then writing just the file data is more efficient. Add --compress-disk-image=tar.bz2 to create a tarball.

Note that some development versions of mic use the zypper package manager by default. Using --pkgmgr=yum is more reliable (19/Jan/2012)

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