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Adaptations/libhybris/Install SailfishOS for idol3

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Notes for installing Sailfish OS on the Alcatel Idol 3 (OT-6045 with 5.5" screen). This (unlike the OT-6039 4.7") is a msm8939 device (2GB RAM, Snapdragon 615, Adreno 405).
Originally released in 2015 with 3.10.49 Linux kernel and Android 5 Lollipop, it was officially updated to Android 6 Marshmallow with the loss of fastboot ability.


Hardware Support

Legend:  Y  - Working (y=hack),  Y  - HAL works, not hooked up to UI/MW/init yet,  N  - Not working,  ?  - Untested,  N/A  - N/A on device.
Device released Linux
Display Touch LED Audio NFC Bluetooth GSM WLAN GPS Camera Fingerprint Sensors Keys Vibra Haptics Power
USB FM Radio
SMS Voice Data Connect Hotspot ALS PS Accel. Gyro. Magne. Vol+/- Home Net. Charge
2015/03 3.10.75 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N/A Y Y Y Y Y Y N/A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y


Known problems

  • [CALLS] Can't change loudspeaker volume using buttons
  • Sometimes the screen blacks out (during call, during install) :
    • Workaround : short press or triple-press on power button should wake the screen ; also try different lid/cover/proximity sensor settings


Starting from stock Android MM 6.0.1, using TWRP :

OTA update

Use the commandline, sfos-upgrade application is recommended.

# On a freshly booted device...
# Install sfos-upgrade package like this, or through Storeman
curl -O
pkcon install-local sfos-upgrade-2.6-1.noarch.rpm
# Patience, it takes an additional reboot to flash boot partition
# Go to commandline again and run :
devel-su post_sfos-upgrade


  • 20180628 alpha11  :
    • Kernel update to caf/LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.39
    • OTA updates enabled using Mer OBS "testing" channel
    • Flash over 20180614 LineageOS
    • If you're already running Demetris' build or guiniol's rebuild it should be fine.
  • 20180422 alpha5 :
    • Kernel support for Anbox.
    • Camera tweaks (viewfinderResolution, flash torch mode for back cam video recording).

Source code

This port was made from HADK 2.0.1.


Local manifest

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  <project name="vknecht/android_device_alcatel_idol3"    path="device/alcatel/idol3"
           remote="github"                                revision="vkn-14.1" />

  <project name="vknecht/android_kernel_alcatel_msm8916"  path="kernel/alcatel/msm8916"
           remote="github"                                revision="hybris-lxstable" />

  <project name="IDOL-3/proprietary_vendor_alcatel"       path="vendor/alcatel"
           remote="github"                                revision="cm-14.1" />

  <project name="vknecht/droid-hal-idol3"                path="rpm"
           remote="github"                               revision="master" />
  <project name="vknecht/droid-config-idol3"             path="hybris/droid-configs"
           repote="github"                               revision="master" />
  <project name="vknecht/droid-hal-version-idol3"        path="hybris/droid-hal-version-idol3"
           remote="github"                               revision="master" />

<!-- hybris-boot fork needed for fixup-mountpoints until this PR gets merged : -->
  <remove-project name="mer-hybris/hybris-boot" />
  <project name="vknecht/hybris-boot"                     path="hybris/hybris-boot"
           remote="github"                                revision="master" />

<!-- droidmedia fork needed for audiopolicy support, see this PR ; -->
  <project name="platform/external/libxml2"              path="external/libxml2"
           remote="aosp"                                 revision="nougat-release" />
  <remove-project name="sailfishos/droidmedia" />
  <project name="vknecht/droidmedia"                     path="external/droidmedia"
           remote="github"                               revision="master" />

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