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Adaptations/libhybris/Install SailfishOS for jfltexx

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* For hot discussions about bleeding edge issues, [ welcome to this xda thread] :)

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Notes for installing Sailfish OS on the Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 LTE (jfltexx).


Hardware Support

Legend:  Y  - Working (y=hack),  Y  - HAL works, not hooked up to UI/MW/init yet,  N  - Not working,  ?  - Untested,  N/A  - N/A on device.
Device released Linux
Display Touch LED Audio NFC Bluetooth GSM WLAN GPS Camera Fingerprint Sensors Keys Vibra Haptics Power
USB FM Radio
SMS Voice Data Connect Hotspot ALS PS Accel. Gyro. Magne. Vol+/- Home Net. Charge
3.4.107 Y Y Y Y N Y Y  ? Y Y  ? Y N  ? Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y  ? Y Y N/A


Things that don't work

  • Jolla Store (Harbour) doesn't work. Do not sign in with Jolla account.
  • Bluetooth: yet to be set up.
  • Voicecall: receiving calls works properly (along with Speaker, Pad and Mic buttons) / making calls fails with 3 tone signal.
  • Camera: only front camera photo works. back camera photo + any camera video fails.
  • Mobile Internet: intermittent feature, between reboots - setting PIN code for the SIM card seems to help.
  • Home key not working.
  • Headphone jack.

Things that work

  • Sensors
  • GPS
  • SMS
  • Audio


Requirements for installation

Installation steps

  • Install Android base zip by following instructions: CyanogenMod jfltexx Page
  • Install the Sailfish OS zip on top of that Android base
  • Reboot

Report bugs

  • Software-related bugs (Sailfish OS): first search in If not found, add your question and tag with "porting"
  • App bugs (e.g. an app doesn't scale well on different screens): contact its developer
  • Problems which depend on hardware: search existing; add new
  • Please do not contact Jolla Care, Jolla Developer Care or phone's maker (e.g. LG, OnePlus, Google), as this is the Sailfish OS community's build for other phones
  • For hot discussions about bleeding edge issues, welcome to this xda thread :)
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