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Architecture proposals/CoreToolchainSplit

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I'm thinking of a split of Mer into two OBS projects.

  • Mer into a smaller Core (which doesn't have to be self-hosting)
  • Mer Toolchain (is self-hosting, doesn't need to be fully bootable on a

machine, but X86-only).

Toolchain would effectively be able to create all the elements for the pieces in Mer Core for any target, such as bootstrapping the glibc/gcc from X86 side into ARM side and not like we have now, where glibc effectively gets injected from ARM side for a cross compiler to be made.

The idea is that for the most part, Toolchain will be provided as a SB2 tools set.

This means that the target will be put into /target in a SB2 build situation. When tools are missing from target, such as perl or autoconf, they'll be taken from Toolchain.

Packages involved


This will build kernel headers utilizing for the target.

  • creates cross-TARGET-kernel-headers package for x86 (stored in /opt/cross/TARGET/sys-root/)
  • creates kernel-headers-TARGET, exported to the target RPM architecture (read: will be a .rpm) stored in /


This will construct a bootstrap gcc, just enough to build glibc. This depends on cross-kernel-headers-TARGET

  • creates cross-TARGET-gcc-bootstrap for X86 (stored in /opt/cross/TARGET/)
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