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Building against Mer in Community OBS

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Setting up Build Repositories

To change the build target repositories of your OBS project (part of the project metadata) to build against Mer:

 osc -A meta prj home:YOURNAME -e

The XML should look along these lines (make sure you use your own "YOURNAME" value) paying special attention to the <repository> tags which you most likely need to add by yourself:

<project name="home:YOURNAME">
 <title>YOURNAME's Home Project</title>
 <description>Mer is cool</description>
 <person userid="YOURNAME" role="maintainer"/>
 <person userid="YOURNAME" role="bugowner"/>
 <repository name="Mer_Core_armv7hl">
   <path project="Mer:MDS:Core:armv7hl" repository="Core_armv7hl"/>
 <repository name="Mer_Core_armv7l">
   <path project="Mer:MDS:Core:armv7l" repository="Core_armv7l"/>
 <repository name="Mer_Core_i586">
   <path project="Mer:MDS:Core:i586" repository="Core_i586"/>

This can also be edited in the web interface, under your project -> Advanced -> Raw config -> Edit

You can also osc branch from these repositories but you need to add repositories manually.

Before trying to issue submit requests to projects that are under automated integration (ex. CE:* projects on community OBS), make sure you have created the correct set of repositories needed.

For each repository in target project, there should be a repository in source project which builds only against the target repository and have at least the same architectures as the target repository they build against.

This can be done easily using the addrepos osc plugin , drop it in your ~/.osc-plugins and run the command :


It will open an editor with the repositories appended to the bottom of your prj meta.

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