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Mer on Openmoko Successor GTA04

This page details the steps required to bring up a development environment which can be used to create a basic Mer image.

The hardware adaptation is maintained in the project [ home:mayerjosua


  • Linux 2.6.32 + OpenGL-ES +
  • Linux 3.7.0 + OpenGL-ES on Framebuffer
  • USB Networking

Not working

  • Linux 3.7.0 + OpenGL-ES with
  • Plasma Active GUI

Building a Plasma Active Image

An adaptation kickstart file can be generated from the plasma-active-kickstart repository:

mer-kickstarter -e . -c latest-devel/plasma-active-latest-devel.yaml -o plasma-active-latest-ks

To build an image from the result:

cd plasma-active-latest-ks sudo mic create fs plasma-active-armv7l-gta04.ks -o . --arch=armv7hl --logfile=plasma-active-build.log

The Image can be unpacked to any partition on the sdcard and then booted.

Current Issues

  • pvr.service is not autostarting even though %post calls systemctl enable pvr.service. The required symlink in /etc/systemd is not created.
  • plasma-device uses 100% cpu and does not react to clicks on the screen.
  • Booting the latest image results in lockup and blue/yellow screen when starts. Possibly related to the version of xf86-video-omapfb used.
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