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Mer on Openmoko Successor GTA04

This page details the steps required to bring up a development environment which can be used to create a basic Mer image.

The hardware adaptation is maintained in the project [ home:mayerjosua


  • Linux 2.6.32
  • OpenGl-ES
  • USB Networking
  • PlasmaActive

Not working

  • Linux 3.7.0 + OpenGL-ES with

Building a Plasma Active Image

An adaptation kickstart file can be generated from the plasma-active-kickstart repository:

mer-kickstarter mer-kickstarter -e . -c releases/plasma-active-4.yaml -o plasma-active-latest-ks/

To build an image from the result:

cd plasma-active-latest-ks
sudo mic create fs plasma-active-armv7l-gta04.ks -o . --arch=armv7l --logfile=plasma-active-build.log

The generated filesystem in can be copied to any partition on the sdcard and then booted.


The System can be installed on any partition on sd-card, but 2GB space is a recommended minimum.

A working image can be found here. Just extract it to a partition on your sdcard.

Currently nemo-mobile-session is missing from the image, so GUI will not start. It can be installed over ssh:

zypper install nemo-mobile-session

After a reboot, PlasmaActive will start(but take a long time for it).

Current Issues

  • Kernel Panic happens sometimes while booting.
  • PlasmaActive may die(not sure why). Result is a black screen and plasma-device process not busy.

Fix black screen

Apparently it is related to the PowerVR GPU. What can help is to reboot once without running pvrsrvinit.

systemctl disable pvr.service

reboot Now PA should start fine. pvr can be enabled again since from now on PA should work fine

systemctl enable pvr.service
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