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Contribution in detail

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Local build of current version

Need prerequisites for osc and build

Branch the package to work on it

osc -A https://obs:444/ branch systemd

A bug in the OBS means that the new branch project will not have the correct repos so add them manually

  <repository name="Mer_Core_i586">
   <path repository="Core_i586" project=""/>

The repository needs to be set to publish too.


  osc -A https://obs:444 co
  osc build i586

Pull the latest Mer version and .git

Clone the mer git repo too:

  git clone ssh:// tmp
  mv tmp/.git systemd/
  rm -rf tmp
  cd systemd
  git status


You can now edit the code and packaging.


Of course you'll need to do one or more builds to verify the code.

  osc ar
  osc ci
  osc chroot
  osc build

Create image

Use a suitable .ks

IMG supports a feature called "Extra repositories and packages" This allows you to use a standard kickstart and add a specific repository to use for overrides.

Select the OBS and enter the repository/repo eg:

Build a suitable image, install and test

 curl http://imgw1/images/web/root/1-20111110-090037/meego-nemo-trial- | sudo dd of=$DEVICE bs=4M oflag=direct && sudo eject $DEVICE

Diagnostic note:

Package SOMETHING.rpm is damaged:


This means a checksum mismatch was seen and the package was re-downloaded.

Push for review

In the obs/mer build directory:

  git commit -s --amend
  git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
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