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Mer Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mer, and how can I learn more about it?

Mer is an open source, open governance project focused at creating a core GNU/Linux stack for rapid development of embedded & mobile GNU/Linux based systems. The aim of Mer is to help vendors quickly create a basic GNU/Linux environment to begin adapting to their hardware and user interface requirements. There are currently 302 packages that comprise Mer, and they are derived from MeeGo core and will likely be adapted to be Tizen-compliant once the source code for Tizen is released. You can also learn more about the project by asking questions using a web IRC chat interface.

What does Mer mean for End-Users?

Mer is intended to be used directly by system integrators and hardware developers and only indirectly by normal end-users. Since Mer is derived from MeeGo, Mer is already capable of addressing the end-users that would use MeeGo, but projects dedicated to specific user-interface layers have not yet been formally organized, so the user-interface demonstrations of Mer are currently only demonstrations. Currently, the most active informal user-interface layer and hardware adaptation is the Community Edition for the Nokia N900/N950/N9. Another active hardware adaptation is the Raspberry Pi adaptation.

What does Mer mean for MeeGo-community developers?

While Tizen offers "membership in most project teams (Release Engineering, QA, Program Management, etc.) ... to people at companies who are building products based on Tizen," Mer aims to be open to participation on a merit basis and to be openly developed and governed as a meritocracy. Mer is currently comprised of 302 packages derived from MeeGo Core, and since Tizen will also derive from MeeGo, Mer aims to remain compatible with Tizen and share as much code with Tizen as possible once the source code for Tizen is released.

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