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This is a work in progress page. You are kindly requested to add your part at FOSDEM 2015





Today I ask atm #fosdem about our stand appliaction.

I messed up the appliaction mail and this is why we will have no stand.

I'm Sorry and I apologize for that I know we had a dream and I spoiled it.

Hope we will see us any way in Brussels


The application for the stand is sended. Lets see!


As we decided in the SFOS-Meeting (Minutes from 07. Okt. 2014) the SFOS/Mer/NEMO community will have a stand at FOSDEM 2015 as well Jolla as Company.

Nokius is in charge of the preparation and contact for those who like to join presenting SFOS/Mer/NEMO.

What we will present?

  • SailfishOS on Android HW
  • NEMO on Android HW
  • Mer
  • Nemo on N9 with latest release
  • please add what you/we will/can present

Who will be present?

  • Martin Brook (vgrade) - Anytime
  • Thomas B. Rücker (tbr) - will be attending many talks though
  • Nokius - Most of the time
  • Aleksi Suomalainen (locusf) - Anytime
  • Javier (javispedro) - will be attending some talks too
  • Michael Demetriou (qwazix) - as above
  • please add your name if you plan to attend and your availability to man the stand

The deadline for stands is the 20.Nov.14.

More about the stands at FOSDEM can be found here

If YOU are interested to be a part of the stand take your change.

Minimum is two Persons more are welcomed.

Time-slot Name
Day 1
10am - 12am Person 1 Person 2
12am - 2pm Person 1 Person 2
2pm - 4pm Person 1 Person 2
4pm - 6pm Person 1 Person 2
Day 2
10am - 12am Person 1 Person 2
12am - 2pm Person 1 Person 2
2pm - 4pm Person 1 Person 2
4pm - 6pm Person 1 Person 2
 Can't find the exect starttime and endtime for the FOSDEM days but hope this fit. May the Time-slots will change!

Talks by Community

Feel free to held a talk about aspects from SFOS/Mer/NEMO.

For example:

  • Nemo what we achieve
  • How to port SFOS/Nemo to Android HW
  • ...

The deadline for Lightning talks is the 20.Nov.14.

More about Lightning talks can be found here

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