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Mer Delivery System

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To set up your own Mer build:

1. Install:

2. Get the release tools

git clone

3. Build the tools Note: You might need to set rsync proxy: export

This will rsync all the package git repos and clone Core git and check it out and make a mappings cache of git repos (will md5sum all sources)

cd release-tools; make

4. Pull down the latest Mer release

make update    

5. Start the fakeobs server

python tools/ 8001 &

6. add a remote link for your fakeobs's server, port 8001, /public, http, not-https

7. Test with checkout out project Core:i586 package acl over OBS link

8. Verify with compiling same package against Core:i586 repo Core_i586 archs i586

Show up in #mer and poke Stskeeps if there's any questions

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