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In Mer, we're currently experimenting with integrating SB2 into OBS to provide a better and more flexible cross compilation method. This is instructions to help you get started testing/developing this project.

WARNING: this is in-development code and may cause damage


It is assumed you already have a functioning osc+build install on your computer.

Trying it out

In a KVM

  • You need to set up so you can do KVM builds
  • osc build --clean --no-verify --vm-type=kvm Core_armv7l armv7el

OBS project configuration settings

In the fork of 'build' and Carsten Munk's OBS fork, it is now possible to do the following configuration settings

 %ifarch armv7el
 SB2install: packages-to-be-installed-in-root
 SB2flags: --toolchain /opt/cross/bin/armv7l-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc --qemu /usr/bin/qemu-arm --debug

The sb2flags available:

 --toolchain /path/to/your/crosscompiler-gcc/in/tools
 --qemu /path/to/your/dynamic/qemu
 --installmode name-of-sb2-mode-used-for-buildsystem-setup
 --defaultmode name-of-sb2-mode-used-for-rpmbuild
 --debug, will enable SB2 debugging/logs
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