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Sailfish Community Page

Until is open I've created this page for Sailfish/Silica links, tips, hacks, feel free to add related content. Code links for the App List most welcome.


  • IRC-channel: #sailfishos at freenode (#mer for core packages) Link Channel log
  • twitter : #sailfishos
  • Mailing list: [1] [2]

SDK and Emulator

App List

TMO thread about status of applications being ported to sailfish.

AppIcon App Name Description Link Picture Screen
Icon85jolla.png Ambiance Changer Ambiance Changer is a hack to change ambiance on the emulator. Git repository Screenshot-jolla.jpg
Icon-alice.jpg Alice Ported the app “Alice” (from BB10) to SailfishOS. The application is used to check the status of growth of children. Screenshot-jolla.jpg
Icon85jolla.png Google Reader Grrok is a great little Google Reader client by Jon Levell. It's open source and I like it, so I did a quick port of it to Sailfish and used it to demo developing for Sailfish at Jolla Hackday and at Qt Developer Days 2012 at Santa Clara, California. veskuh.blogspot Screenshot-jolla.jpg
Icon85jolla.png gPodder Trying out HOWTO - Porting notes and code walkthrough - Video - Git repository Screenshots
Icon85jolla.png ownNotes A note taking application with ownCloud sync. More Informations Git repository Screenshots
Uradio icon.png URadio Swedish radio broadcast client Git repository screenshoot
Fremantleline.png Perth Trains The app provides a simple way to view ‘live’ departure times of train services across Perth. Git repository Screenshots
Tweetian80.png Tweetian Tweetian is a feature-rich Twitter app for smartphones, developed using Qt/QML. Git repository About Sailfish port
Icon85jolla.png Weather-fish A beautiful weather application Git repository Screenshot-jolla.jpg
Icon85jolla.png JollaMPC Full featured MPD (MusicPD) client for SailfishOS. Ported from symbian application qmobilempd, new gui. Git repository MPD wiki entry
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HP Mini

Iconia Tab W500

PackardBell Buttefly Touch

Unofficial third party organization on Github

If your app is open source, consider adding it to the "Sailfish OS third party open source apps collection" on Github. This makes it easier to discover new apps and collaborate in a central place. You can also work on your apps in your own repository and fork it to the Sailfish Apps organization:

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