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SailfishCommunity/WIP Community Guidelines

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Basic community guidelines has taken from:     

Common Community guidelines:
Be considerate
Be respectful
Be collaborative
Be pragmatic
Support others in the community
Get support from others in the community

Sailfish Developer Mailinglist:
Sailfish Developer Mailinglist is only for technical conversation. There's moderators from community and Jolla side.
Mostly tech questions, please, not only-tech-questions. People should be able to express frustration about the forum itself too. We just shouldn't allow it to happen in 20 emails and 10 topics over a coupe of days
 * 3 warning systems,  3rd is banning from mailing list [the warnings should expire after "a while" of good behaviour +1]. Jolla provides conversation channel  for moderators, so private issues can be handled there (if there's a  need).
 * plaintext only+1
 * inline quoting please
 * no simple +1 (etc) mails, ML shouldn't be a voting tool
 * Add warnings for being abusive and being a jerk only. Do not warn a newbie pasting a lot of text. Warnings shall be reserved for something real bad. probably differentiate between "warnings" and "strikes", continued disregarding the rules should lead to strikes (though thats "real bad" in my eyes)
 * Language: English

IRC guidelines:
#sailfishos and #jollamobile will follow #mer irc rules:
 * Ask smart questions: Eric Raymond wrote a good text on how best to ask questions -   - reading this text and understanding it will help you to get the   optimal experience out of the communication within the Sailfish OS  project and  the best answers to help your work 
 *  Keep it clean: many of us participate from work, so keep the language clean. 
 *  Don't be a jerk:  treat people with respect and  consideration - no regional, racial,  gender or other abuse will be  tolerated. We are people from all over  the world and we come from many  different projects and we all have to  work together on the Sailfish OS. 
 *  Be helpful: be patient with new people and be willing to jump in to answer questions. 
 *  Stay calm:  the written word is always subject to  interpretation, so give people  the benefit of the doubt and try not to  let emotions get out of  control. 
 *  Don't post chunks: avoid posting big chunks of text - use a pastebin or a similar service to shorten it to a link. 
 *  Be Patient: Folks might not be around when you ask a question so wait a while for someone to speak before leaving. 
 *  Don't Private Message:  Ask permission before you send  someone a private message (PM) as not  everyone likes them. Also by  keeping it in public others with similar  issues can see the solution you  were given.

Ban system for IRC:

 * Warnings should expire after a while of good behavior.
 * Ban times should expand for repeated warnings.
 * Example: 
 * 1st warning - no ban
 * 2nd warning - no ban
 * 3rd warning - 1 day ban (one day ban on a ML?)(Better 1 week?)(maybe something in between)(3 days?)
 * If after a while all warnings are deleted. And the user gets another warning:
 * 1st warning - 1 day ban
 * 2nd warning - 1 week ban
 * 3rd warning - 1 month ban
 * You could expand this to lifetime bans or not. 
 * - Lifetime bans for spam accounts etc.
 * - If there is a very problematic user that does not have much warnings, but very abusive behavior, then a lifetime ban discussion for that user could be proposed for next community meeting. If most of people suggest a lifetime ban, then it could ignore the warning rules.

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