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Preparing an openSuse chroot

Prepare an openSUSE minimal image. This is done on a suitable opensuse machine (eg phost14) and then rsync'ed to zathras /data/11.4

zypper in kiwi-templates
mkdir -p ${ROOTFS}
rm -rf ${ROOTFS}
PKGS="emacs-nox iputils kernel less puppet rsync sudo terminfo wget"
kiwi --prepare suse-${OS}-JeOS --root $ROOTFS $(for p in $PKGS; do echo --add-package $p; done)
chroot /data/${OS}min
mount /proc
mount -tsysfs /sys /sys
mount -tdevpts /dev/pts /dev/pts
touch /bin/on_ac_power
export rootfstype="ext4"
mkinitrd -d /dev/null -m "ext4 binfmt_misc virtio_pci virtio_blk"
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