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Android-in-a-Window (sfdroid)

For project status, bugs, and changelog click here.


devel-su pkcon refresh
devel-su pkcon install SDL2
# hammerhead only:
devel-su usermod -G net_bt_stack -a nemo
# and enter recovery

Download appropriate .zip file:

It has been tested against SFOS, check for differences in init.rc for other versions before flashing (even though they should change rarely at this point).

  • Install this zip via TWRP (used as example here) or CWM:
    • MultiROM: via Advanced->Multirom->List Roms->your rom->Flash Zip
    • Non-MultiROM: choose to Flash Zip or adb sideload (WARNING! If you ever use fastboot boot boot.img to boot to underlying CM, sfdroid will break that! To fix, you need to put back the original
  • Reboot (might take longer than usual, screen might become unresponsive for a few seconds)
  • Launch sfdroid from the App Grid
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