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Executing test cases in Mer SDK

Add repositories and install tools

At the moment exeuction inside of the SDK!

Add test exeuction tools repository

sudo zypper ar mer-testing-tools

Add tests repository

sudo zypper ar mer-testing-tests

Install tools

sudo zypper ref
sudo zypper in testrunner-lite

Basic Layer tests (BLTS)

Install some tests

sudo zypper in blts-bluetooth-tests

Execute tests from the command line

sudo blts-bluetooth -e 1

Execute tests with testrunner-lite

sudo testrunner-lite -f /usr/share/blts-bluetooth-tests/tests.xml -o /tmp/results.xml -v

Middleware tests (MWTS)

Install some tests

sudo zypper in mwts-filesystem-generic-all

Execute tests with testrunner-lite:

testrunner-lite -f /usr/share/mwts-filesystem-generic-tests/tests.xml -o /tmp/result.xml -v 

Execute tests with min console UI:


Execute tests with min console:

min -c -r "TMP"

See detailed results:

cat /var/log/tests/*.result


  • Min doesn't work nicely when executing tests with testrunner-lite --chroot option
  • How to execute tests in armv7 targets in chroot?

Todo (not in priority order)

  • Plan simple test set for chroot environment
  • Setup test automation for chroot environment (OTS and testrunner-lite should work almost out of the box)
  • Test result reporting (QA-reports)
  • Integrade testing into updating and release process
  • Test management
  • Virtual image testing, maybe nemo images
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