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DRAFT: New Adaptation Request for Nemo Mobile

This page lists the steps how to get your own hardware adaptation included to the Nemo Mobile. Prequisites:

First one needs to do the adaptation, it should be compiling against Mer Core project in the OBS located at Mer Core is found from Mer:fake:Core:<arch> project and here is and example of the <repository /> XML element for OBS prjconf.

 <repository name="Mer_Core_ARCH">
   <path project="Mer:fake:Core:ARCH" repository="Core_ARCH"/>

NOTE: Remember to replace the ARCH with the architecture that is used with the new adaptation, e.g., i486, i586, armv6l, armv7l or armv7hl.

The adaptation needs to have basic support for booting Mer with Xorg (or Wayland). It is not required to have all the functionalities of the hardware but the adaptation should be stable enough to be used.

After the adaptation is done and the basic functionalities have been tested, one needs to create instructions how to use the adaptation on the device. The instructions should contain a .ks file and peferrably also an image that can be downloaded and tested by the Nemomobile community. The image should boot either to xterm or to one of the Nemomobile UX's.

When all of the above are done you need to inform Nemo OBS repository maintainer (see: about your interest of wanting to start maintaining the adaptation within Nemo Mobile project structure. There will be a new adaptation project created for the new adaptation withing the Nemo Mobile OBS namespace (e.g., CE:Adaptation:MyNewDevice) where you can push the packages. When the project has been created, one should push the new adaptation to this project with Submit Requests, which will be inspected by BOSS for the basic packaging errors.

After the adaptation is in the project one can ask from the Nemo Mobile steering group to get the adaptation included as a part of the default releases of Nemo Mobile. Steering group will evaluate if the adaptation looks good in terms of quality, this request also means that the requester is willing to maintain the adaptation when it comes to bugs and problems regarding the adaptation. Also requester should attend the steering group meeting where the new adaptation is discussed, and be ready to answer questions.

After everything is set and agreed a new bugzilla entry for the adaptation within the will be created with a default assignee.

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