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User:TomSwindell/Building Bootable Images

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This page is intended as a brief introduction on creating your own base images. The target image will boot in to an instance of the Qt QML Viewer application running as the X Session, which is a good starting point when trying to build your own products. Following this article you should be able to build your own images, boot them on a device, and be prepared for the next stage in product creation, User:TomSwindell/Building Custom Images.


In order to build your own product images, you will need the meego-image-creator (mic2) package for your host GNU/Linux distribution. Unfortunately using Microsoft Windows is not supported for building images. If Microsoft Windows is your preferred development environment then we suggest you install a modern GNU/Linux system in a virtual machine to follow the image creation procedure.

Getting Started

What Next?

Once you're comfortable creating core images using the instructions provided, you're ready to begin customising your image to your target products' specific requirements. A guide on customising images can be found here: User:TomSwindell/Building Custom Images

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