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(work in progress)

Zephyr is an attempt at creating a stack for use by other projects to be exploring lightweight, high-performance, next-generation UIs based on Mer, Busybox, Qt5, QML compositor and Wayland. Come to #mer on to discuss and participate.


Reference hardware

  • VirtualBox on X86, with LLVMpipe+Wayland
  • ExoPC, X86 with Intel+Wayland (TBD)
  • Raspberry Pi with QML compositor hardware integration for BRCM (TBD)

Kickstart files

Can be found through

zephyr-i586-vm.ks is for VirtualBox

Get Mer Platform_SDK to work with these.


  • VirtualBox/X86 QML compositor needs to wait properly for input devices and framebuffer devices to appear before launching and sometimes fails to start compositor 3-4 times
  • Get Harmattan QML components working on Qt5
  • Integrate Maliit on Qt5


Zephyr is based on the Mer Core. It boots with the help of systemd user sessions. The user session is described in zephyr-session package and it launches the Zephyr compositor (based on example QML compositor from qt-wayland). The Zephyr compositor signals to systemd that it has started and wayland clients can connect to it.

Adaptation: VirtualBox

You can make a 'livecd' image (mic cr livecd -A i686 zephyr-i586-vm.ks in Platform SDK) that you can run on a virtual machine.

You will need to make a virtual machine and run this:

 VBoxManage setextradata "Mer" CustomVideoMode1 "800x480x16"

before starting first time, here "Mer" is the name of your virtual machine. Set this to your desired resolution.

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