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What Works

For Nemo:

What Doesn't


--- Day changed Tue Jun 11 2013
17:54  * Sage needs help in testing stuff for n900
17:55 < Sage> camera will break soon fully that is something for sure.
17:55 < Sage> if someone doesn't step up and try to fix the adaptation with latest mer releases
17:56 < Sage> it has binary blob that is tight to certain version of gst bad free package
17:56 < sledges> n9/950 also affected per se?
17:56 < Sage> no, n9/n950 is ok for now
18:08 < sledges> just heads up if someone's reading this:
18:11 < Sage> sledges: yes, that was handled already but only for n9/n950
18:11 < sledges> can I see how the handling took place?
18:12 < Sage> well, there is another gst plugin that can be used on there

History and persons involved:

--- Day changed Wed Apr 17 2013
14:17 < Sage> MSameer: the camera stuff you pushed to :devel will not get to :testing atm. as it breaks n900 camera. I know I promised to do some stracing for it will try to get it done next :)
--- Day changed Sun Apr 21 2013
12:05 < MSameer> Sage: have you tried camera with an older release to make sure it works?
12:05 < MSameer> we will have an issue now with the new version of mer
12:05 < MSameer> plugins-bad-free got in
12:05 < MSameer> and nemo will fail to build properly I am afraid :(
--- Day changed Thu Apr 25 2013
14:25 < MSameer> does anyone have an n900?
14:25 < MSameer> i am interested in knowing whether camera works or not
14:25 < MSameer> as I updated some bits, worked fine on n9 but broke on n900
14:25 < MSameer> and i don't have an n900 at hand now
14:26 < MSameer> so i just need to know
--- Day changed Wed May 29 2013
06:51 < juiceme> The bad thing is, now there's a hanging dependency with gst-nokia-camera-0.57.0-3.2.Nemo.Adaptation.N9xx.armv7hl
06:52 < juiceme> please see for details.
06:52 < juiceme> (Problem: gst-nokia-camera-0.57.0-3.2.Nemo.Adaptation.N9xx.armv7hl requires, but this requirement cannot be provided)
10:15 < phaeron> juiceme: choose solution 2
10:17 < juiceme> phaeron, that safe?
10:19 < juiceme> I mean, if I uninstall gst-nokia-camera, does that mean camera stops working on Nemo?
10:21 < phaeron> I think it will move to use a new gst backend. MSameer can confirm
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