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Nemo Mobile adaptation details for Jolla device:

Legend:  Y  - Working (y=hack),  Y  - HAL works, No application available,  N  - Not working,  ?  - Untested.
Display Touch LED Audio NFC Bluetooth GSM WLAN GPS Camera Sensors Keys Vibra Haptics Power
SMS Voice Data ALS PS Accel. Gyro. Magne. Vol+/- Home Net. Charge
Jolla | SBJ Y Y Y Y N N Y Y Y Y N N  ?  ?  ? Y  ? Y N Y N Y  ? Y Y

Details are as follows:

  • Sensors cannot be tested as there are no libhybris sensors test package for Jolla
  • GPS requires Jolla proprietary packages
  • Old qt5-qtcomponents from Nokia MeeGo are not usable, this causes all important current implementations to crash at startup and Glacier only has a work-in-progress dialer application. This means that you can receive text messages but there is only the ofono-tests package which allows one to write them. Nemo Mobile requires help on creating Glacier based components software for all devices.
  • LED lighting requires some ngfd configurations which are not made available by Jolla (yet)
  • Camera has not been tested as the application for it is too old
  • Gyroscope is the only sensor confirmed to work because the homescreen rotates when turning the device.
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