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Build SailfishOS for Find5

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How to Build SailfishOS for Find 5 (codename: Find5)


This Build SailfishOs build walkthrough is auto-generated specifically for the Find 5 based on the device template at Template:device_Find5. You can find similar build instructions for every officially supported device. See here for more info.


Fill me pleaces

I wanted cookies! Fill me with HADK parts !!!!

Installing and running the image

Assuming the build completed without error (it will be obvious when it finishes).

Once you have built the image, you'll likely want to install it and run it on your Find 5. See Testing SailfishOS for Find 5 for further details on that process.

Success! And next steps?

You've done it! Welcome to the club of people who can build their operating system from the source code! Hopefully you enjoyed the experience and are inspired to do more!

To get assistance

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