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Buteo Sync Solution

The Buteo Sync solution is a complete solution that broadly provides the following synchronization services:

  • Device to device synchronization of PIM data (Contacts and Calendar for now) based on SyncML
  • Device to cloud synchronization of PIM data (, etc.) based on SyncML
  • Synchronization of media content to PC based on MTP
  • Device to PC synchronization (currently only OviSuite, but this requires contract with OviSuite to support a particular device)

In order to cater to the above service, the following components are available in the Buteo Sync solution:

  • Synchronization Framework - a generic framework providing a pluggable architecture.
  • SyncML stack - a OMA DS 1.1 and 1.2 compliant SyncML stack
  • MTP stack - A Media Transfer Protocol 1.0 compliant MTP implemenation.
  • Sync Plugins - a syncml sync plugin and a MTP sync plugin that hook into the synchronization framework

All the above components make up the Buteo Sync solution with the capability of being extended to accommodate more protocols. Refer to the individual pages to understand more about the individual components

Buteo Sync Features

Buteo Sync is not just a sync solution that depends on SyncML, but provides a whole range of Sync features independent of the protocol and the data to be synchronized. Following are the high level end-user features supported by Buteo:

  • Contacts, Calendar, Notes sync with
  • Any standard SyncML service

The MTP stack is made public, but the integration with the functionfs driver is being worked on and should soon be available. There are other plug-ins planned for Buteo in future (flickr, facebook etc.)


To request enhancements or report bugs, please check the TBD and then TBD or TBD.

Discussion of Buteo development happens in the issue tracker, on the [mer mailing lists] and on IRC (, #sync).

Source code can be found in the [Buteo repositories on github (search for buteo)].

An example client app is available.

API usage

API usage describes the usage of the Buteo synchronization framework API

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