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HA Issues

[FIXED] No sound. Device is a dummy

Pulseaudio configs were added and audio should work now (might be muted by default?). Not sure the audio settings are saved on shutdown?

[CONFIRMED] No GPS or it’s not automated to set the system location

GPS needs firmware that might be missing. Does PA support GPS? Comment: There is a marble touch version that would benefit greatly! Gps should be supported through QtMobility and gpsd, and available in a plasma engine as well afaik.

Screen brightness is locked at 100% but does dim on non-use

There was something odd related to backlight sysfs interface, need to debug.

[WORKSFORME] USB recharging seems to be bad

From PC or with a separate power supply? Worked for me.

When connected to the linux laptop with NetworkManager, both devices tries to use the connection as a wired network connection, and periodically pops up a message that the connection failed. It does charge.

[CONFIRMED] No screen rotation

Need to check what interface the kernel drivers provide for accelerometers. There is the traditional xrandr based rotation for X.Org but that’s slow and doesn’t support animated rotation so e.g. Nemo handles this on Qt (window manager?) level. What’s the PA approach here?

[FIXED?] Videos don’t seem to play

HW accelerated video is supported but with non-standard video sink for GStreamer. Patch exists for Phonon that is used by the default player in PA3.

PA/KDE Issues

Keyboard input fails many field entries. No way to enter text. It looks like it loses selection and you type into the null

Updating fixes this.

1. zypper ar -G
2. zypper up maliit-active libmaliit-quick
3. killall -9 maliit-server

[GENERALLY WORKSFORME] No GFX acceleration, or it’s slow

HA provides GFX acceleration and PA uses it to some extent but some operations seems to be unoptimized.

[WORKAROUND?] Keyboard is really small, and or lame. No cntrl button or buttons for coders

An alternative keyboard exists?

[FIXED] Tegra 3 has draw glitches on the activity window list

The rendering problems seems to be generic and not HA specific, so a bug in PA.


Updating fixes this

zypper ref && zypper up

Repository is lacking and uses zypper as package manager. Example repo doesn’t even have firefox. Probably a great way to promote default webkit based browser

Regular Firefox won't be suitable anyway. Work is under way to make mobile Firefox builds.


System settings only has three options, Screen Power, Web, and Time.

Can’t work out how to remove widgets on an activity screen. No trash icon etc.

Widgets can be reomved by clicking the [x] in the top right corner. If you don't have theese, update

No widget container to hold non Plasma Active apps. Example install KCalc and it opened without a window around to, so no means to move it. I could add the link to a general widget though to kick starting it even though they fail

Some apps wont kick start from Activity Screen wigit. It loads up KWrite.

There is not GFX package manager, so try to install one with zypper

Apper does not work completly though, asking for a list of files from an installed package, it says that is only available for installed packages.

Plasma Active ignores your power settings, and turns off the screen in minutes. Suspends ssh session in the process.

Holding a key on the software keyboard does not repeat

Works in the updated version of the keyboard

Slow to start up

Side rotary region interferes with widget container box resizing if near

Some default installed images wont display

What images, what size?

Samba doesn’t seem to work. Needs ‘hostname’? No Network option in Dolphin

Some PackageKit selections don’t have install scripts set to suit OS. Fail with insufficient space due trying to install to ‘/’

No Kamera app to test camera

Camera should work on HA side but is untested. Need to test on GStreamer level. Maybe Kamoso would be a starting point? The dream photo app could be based on showphoto maybe?

Dolphin really lacking. No settings

Most apps/widgets don’t have settings

i think that's intended behavior. there is a "Settings" App for system wide settings.

External keyboard doesn't work in USB host mode. Any drivers missing?

The "Reader" (mobile okular) is constantly crashing on zoom.


After updating, I can zoom text-only pdf files in and out. more complex files still fails.

zypper ref && zypper up

Marble touch is broken

Marble touch is showing a black window covering the entire screen (use konsole to load if if you want to see). I can lock and unlock the screen to get to close it (sometimes, otherwise reboot is the only way).

According to marble developers, a script should be run prior to building the package:

[17:53] <Earthwings> alund: from the source dir you run
[17:53] <Earthwings> tools/qt-components/switch.bash plasma
[17:53] <Earthwings> then compile/install as usual
[17:54] <Earthwings> the script mostly replaces " 1.0" by "org.kde.plasma.components 0.1" in .qml files

Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit the files by hand after installation, because some of them ends in binary format via qrc.

If marble touch can be brought to life, it would be nice to have a desktop file pointing to it, and not installing desktop marble, or at least hiding it.

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