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Install SailfishOS for Find5

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This guide will walk you through the process of taking the Find 5 from stock to having ability to flash the latest version of SailfishOS.


Rules that you must agree to before using these images

Before you use our testing feeds, please read and agree to the following rules:

  1. Anyone participating in SailfishOS Ports alpha or beta testing of any kind must be prepared to fully erase and reflash their device at a moment's notice without warning and without any regrets or complaints.

  1. They must be prepared to and able to log into the command line on the device and type Linux commands when instructed to do so. If you are not intimately familiar with linux GO NO FURTHER
  2. They must be prepared to go to great and extraordinary lengths to try and reliably reproduce any problems they encounter.
  3. They must give full and detailed bug reports, leaving out no piece of information which could possibly be remotely connected to the problem.
  4. They must read any and all documentation and forums threads (in their entirety) before asking a question.
  5. They must fastidiously follow the IRC Channel where the alpha testing is being discussed by the authors, and follow precisely any instructions given there.
  6. They will never post the raw testing feed URLs or instructions anywhere, but will always refer others directly to this page using only the URL brocken!
  7. When asking for help, they will include the phrase (which may change occasionally) "I've read and understand the rules". Failure to include the phrase will result in the request for help being silently ignored.

If you're not prepared to do *all* the above, and do it all in good spirit, then please wait for the public release of the item.

If you are prepared to do *all* the above, then by all means please participate in the alpha or beta testing.

Note that everything above is a function of attitude, not of skill. These images do NOT constitute a ROM, They are individual pieces and NOT intended or expected to be included in any ROM


Important Notes

After flashing recovery, you must long press Power to turn the device off. Then, turn the device on with the recovery mode button combination: Vol Down and Power.

Installing recovery using fastboot

You can use fastboot to install your recovery image to the device.

Installing ClockworkMod Recovery on the Find 5

  1. Your Find 5 should still be connected to your PC via USB from the last step
  2. Power off the Find 5 and activate the bootloader With the device powered down, hold the Volume Down and Power buttons.
  3. Once the device is in fastboot mode, verify your PC sees the device by typing fastboot devices
    • If you don't see your device serial number, and instead see "<waiting for device>", fastboot is not configured properly on your machine. See fastboot documentation for more info.
  4. On your PC, download the latest ClockworkMod recovery image (at time of writing,
  5. Flash CWM to your Find 5, making sure to use the proper filename for the image you downloaded:

 $ fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-{{#lowercase:Find5}}.img
 sending 'recovery' (6526 KB)...
 OKAY [  0.802s]
 writing 'recovery'...
 OKAY [  1.245s]
 finished. total time: 2.048s
 $ fastboot reboot
 finished. total time: 0.020s

  1. Reboot to bootloader, by powering off, then With the device powered down, hold the Volume Down and Power buttons.
  2. Use the Volume Up or Volume Down key to select "Recovery mode", and the Power button to enter recovery.
  3. At this point, ClockworkMod should load.

Installing SailfishOS from recovery


Some devices do not have removable SD cards. Regardless, there should still be a partition on the device named "/sdcard" that can be used for flashing purposes, even though the contents of /sdcard may actually be in internal storage.

  1. Your Find 5 should still be connected to your PC via USB from the last step
  2. Your Find 5 should still be booted to ClockworkMod from the last step
  3. If neither statement is currently true, please reboot to ClockworkMod. If you do not have CWM loaded, follow the steps outlined above.


  1. Download the latest stable LuneOS Dev-image or latest nightly LuneOS Dev-image
  2. Use the Volume Up and Volume Down keys on your Find 5 to select "install zip from sideload"
  3. From your PC, execute the following command:
    adb sideload webos-ports-dev-package-{{#lowercase:Find5}}.zip
  4. The image will now install. It will installs both the kernel and the rootfs.
  5. Once completed, reboot the Find 5.
  6. Your system should now boot directly into SailfishOS

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