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Kickstart groups

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Mer uses package groups in kickstart files when creating images to define what functionality to provide.

The definition of these groups is in;a=tree;f=patterns;hb=HEAD

They are added into the repository by the script.



Mer core contains a minimal set of packages which will allow a Mer system to boot to a multi-user, console level system without basic networking.


The connectivity group adds networking, bluetooth, wireless and telephony.


This group adds fonts and the uxlauncher. It does not provide an X or Wayland server.


For devices that do not have a graphics HA a non-accelerated fb/vesa X server is provided with software rendering for GL.


It is often useful to do basic administration and tests on a device, these packages provide things like an editor, diff, tar, ssh as well as ofono and connman tests.


The debugging group brings in gdb and some other debug symbols

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