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Regular Meetings

In #mer-meeting on, using the MeetBot


  • 07:00 UTC - Nemo Bug Triage
  • 11:00 UTC - Mer Bug Triage


  • 11:00 UTC - (bi-weekly odd weeks, eg. wk5 onwards) Nemo Steering Group meeting
  • 12:00 UTC - Mer Release Management meeting


  • 12:OO UTC - Mer QA meeting

Other Meetings

Please add the meeting details below to schedule a time in #mer-meeting

Please add time, date, purpose of meeting and any links to agenda or other related materials.

Useful MeetBot commands

To start a meeting:                   #startmeeting Foo status meeting for Mer
To add a line to the meeting minutes: #info The status of foo is very bar, but not baz.
To give someone an action point:      #action JoeUser to work on foo to make it less bar
To end a meeting:                     #endmeeting

Full documentation at and in case of problems with the meeting module or Merbot, contact dm8tbr (Thomas) on IRC.

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