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Target audience

This page is targeted foremost at platform developers (Vendors) that want to establish and integrate a push notification infrastructure for their project, secondly at developers who want to use/receive push notifications in their applications.

Nemo and Sailfish serve as reference users/targets for this.

Intermediate / Test Platform

TBR has set up a Mosquitto/MQTT based serice that can be used for experiments and also as an interim production environment for apps in need of push notifications right now.


Port: 1883 (regular), 1884 (limited testing, without authentication), soon also 8883 for TLS with client cert auth.


  • sailfish/broadcast/… (readable by every client, also without authentication)
  • sailfish/username/… (only accessible to authenticated clients)
  • $SYS/… (server status information)

Credentials can be requested from tbr on IRC by priv-msg.

For Python use there is a patched version of Apache Paho: It has IPHB support added and will wake up at fixed intervals to prevent timeouts.

Client libraries (currently without IPHB patches) are available currently from a personal OBS repository:

Direct repo URL for Sailfish packages:

Adding repo to device: ssu ar tbr-mqtt

To explore MQTT based push notifications on Sailfish you can use this irssi script to send you all sorts of notifications. There is also some client side code in Python to convert the push message to a Sailfish platform notification.

Platform Evolution

Architecture and features of a future service are under discussion on Freenode IRC: #sailfishos-push

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