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Migration tips

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migrate your contacts from Maemo to Nemo (potentially also Harmattan, to be verified by someone with an N9)

export your contacts to a file (on the Maemo side) (as per TMO source)

    osso-addressbook-backup -e contacts.vcf

copy the file to the Nemo side (using default partition layout on uSD card):

    sudo cp contacts.vcf /media/mmc1p1/home/nemo/Documents

Watch out: Now use your favorite text editor or regex expression to separate each vcard in the file with a blank line from the next one. It seems the multiple-vcards-in-one-file standards demands that every vcard needs to be closed by an empty line, even the last one.

reboot into Nemo

change the file rights/ownership for the contacts.vcf (standard root password is 'nemo')

    chmod 555 contacts.vcf
    chown nemo:nemo contacts.vcf

and use the People - 'Import contacts' from the menu to point to the contacts.vcf file. Let them load, then the message will appear how many are imported. Depending on the amount of contacts, it might take some time before they all are visible in the People application but eventually they will all be there.

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