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Platform SDK Development

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SDK Development Documentation

This page contains information about the development of the platform SDK itself - if you want to use the SDK then read Platform SDK.

The SDK is actually a product built on Mer. The additional packages come from the Mer:Tools project rather than UX/Hardware Adaptation layers.

Making a release

An SDK release is made up from a Mer:Core Release and a Mer:Tools release.

Older Information


The following requirements were agreed on the initial platform sdk brainstorming meeting (things may change)

  • Platform SDK needs to be able to function without an OBS account or access to an OBS.
  • Offline compilation must be possible
  • Clearly document the difference between platform SDK and application SDK.
  • separation of user /home and 'sdk'
  • need short path from: code, build, deploy, boo
  • minimal http server to SDK for built rpm repo serving

Sources and packages

SDK team meeting minutes

Useful links and further reading

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