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Status of components

TODO: feel free to update the table below and rearrange it if needed

Component Design(mockup) / Spec

 Done  = design+spec done
 Done  = design done, spec in progress

Development status Fellows
Maliit VKB Done Done, needs polishing locusf, eekkelund
Theming Done Done, needs polishing
UI components
Buttons Done Done faenil
ButtonRow Done Done Design:qwazix QML:locusf
anyone feel free to polish it!
Header Done Done! :) faenil
ListView Done (need pull to refresh) Done Design:Morpog Code: neochapay
Progress Spinner Done Done, needs polishing SfietKonstantin
ContextRoller It's a broad topic ;) Nothing Yet Brainstorm:qwazix,Morpog
SelectRoller Drafted Pre-history WIP[1] Design:qwazix QML: neochapay
Sliders Done trumpet is there by locusf! not yet 100% up to specs sledges, locusf, SfietKonstantin
anyone feel free to polish it!
Switch Done Done, NEMO#710 and animation(gradient) twitch to be fixed Design:Morpog & qwazix, QML: locusf
Text Input Done Done locusf
Labels Unspecified/trivial Done QML:faenil,locusf
Dialogs Done Query dialogs are done in git Design:sandy_locke, QML locusf
Notifications Blog Row 2,col 4 One more Done Design:Hurrian QML: locusf
Tabs Done Not yet. Design: qwazix
Toolbar Done QML Component provided faenil
Tools (toolbar with different layouts) Done Done faenil
Section scroller Done WIP Design:Morpog Code: neochapay
Sheets Nothing Yet (maybe with Text Fields) Nothing Yet
Page Done Done faenil
Progress Bar Done Done sledges
Running Indicator Some tests by qwazix (nothing in repo) Nothing Yet
Page Indicators Discuss relevancy see faenil's Page implementation
Ratings Nothing Yet Nothing Yet
« More » indicator Need a case by case study Nothing Yet
Date & Lists tumbler (+dialog +picker) Row 3,col 3 vs circular here and here DatePicker [2] Design:Hurrian QML: NeoChapay
Lockscreen Row 1,col 2 "Sharpening glass" PoC [3] Hurrian, Morpog, qwazix, sledges, eekkelund
Notification Screen Row 2,col 1 Needs polishing [4] Design:Hurrian QML: eekkelund
Multi task Screen Row 2,col 3 Needs polishing [5] eekkelund
Statusbar Done, [6] WIP in Glacier homescreen [7] Design:Hurrian, Spec:sandy_locke, QML: eekkelund
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