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Test package is a RPM package that includes scripts, binaries and/or libraries for testing a feature or function.

  • Test package's name must use <packagename>-tests[-*] format
    • eg. bluez-tests or bluez-tests-unittests
  • Doesn't have to depend on testrunner
  • Test-definition is not required, however recommended
    • Test package can have not approved or failing test cases
    • Test package's test-definition should be installed to /opt/tests/<packagename>/test-definition/
  • Test package's files should be installed to /opt/tests/<packagename>/
  • If test package provides some common test data (audio, video, image) those files should be installed to /opt/tests/<packagename>/{audio, video, image, text etc}/


  • Host (SDK) and device side tools to mer-tools:devel. Once package is tested and you are happy with it create submit request to mer-tools:testing. Please contact lbt from freenode IRC if you have questions.
  • Normally tests are packaged in the same repository than actual test target, but if you have independent test software those should locate at mer-qa GIT repository. Repositories are webhooked to mer-qa:devel OBS project. Please contact mkosola or kontio from freenode IRC #nemomobile to create git repos and wehooks to OBS.

Test development

As a developer:

  1. Search (or ask) the test's version control location
  2. Pull the test's source code and make changes
  3. Copy the original package to your home project in OBS
  4. Update your changes to the OBS
  5. Test your changes
  6. Push your changes to the version control
  7. Inform QA team about the changes with changes diff (URL to gitorious/gerrit/github diff)
  8. The QA team will review, retest and update the tool to OBS
  9. The QA team will select and approve tests for package and release testing

As a QA team member:

  1. Review and test submitted / changed test cases
  2. Approve only passing and useful test cases. For failing test cases, inform the developer and/or file a bug/task
  3. Update package's test-definition and add approved test cases to package/release test plan
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