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QA tools support test planning, test execution and test reporting. The most important tool offering relating to this is illustrated in the figure below.

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Tools and other utilities

If you want to contribute to the development of the following tools, test suites and utilities, please visit QA tools development page.

Test tools

Each wiki page will contain more detailed description, installation instructions and tutorial on the basic usage. For now, please contact us if you need help. Soon, you can install Testrunner, testrunner-lite, test-definition, Testplanner, OTS, eat and MIN from Tools:Testing repository.

Tool (link to wiki page) Short description
testrunner-lite Command line tool for test execution
Testrunner Test execution tool with graphical UI
Testplanner Simple tool for creating and editing test plan files
MIN MIN is an advanced unit/integration test framework
OTS - Open Testing System Test automation system
QA Reports Reporting tool for publishing test reports
QA Dashboard Quality at a glance
Crash Reports Web UI Web UI for Crash Reports
Crash Reporter On-device graphical front-end for sending core dumps produced by rich-core to core dump data base

Other utilities

Name (link to wiki page) Short description
test-definition XML schema for test plan and result files
eat - enables automated testing Test automation configuration packages
Corelysis A daemon to process rich core dumps in the back-end server


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