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Quality/Test coverage

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Test plans

Repositories for Mer tests

repo --name=mer-tests --baseurl= --save
repo --name=mer-tests --baseurl= --save
repo --name=mer-tests --baseurl= --save
repo --name=mer-tests --baseurl= --save

Smoke testing

Minimal set of tests for covering basic functionality of the Mer core.

Package pattern for smoke tests


Test plan: mer_smoke_test_plan_v0.1.xml

Execute tests as root, copy user's /home/<user>/.eat-store-env to /root/.

Test coverage

Domain Test package Target # of tests Status Comments
Communications/Bluetooth blts-bluetooth bluez 28 Packged Some of the tests requires seconds device or accessories
Communications/Bluetooth mwts-bluetooth bluez 44 Not packaged Uses Dbus interface, Some of the tests requires seconds device or accessories
Communications/Cellular Framework blts-ofono ofono 52 Not packaged Maybe out-dated
Communications/Cellular Framework mwts-ofono ofono 6 Not packaged Out-dated?, Includes SIM functionality
Core mwts-filesystem 30 Not packaged Has USB mass storage tests too
Core? blts-watchdog 3 Not packaged
Core? blts-wlan-core 11 Not packaged Requires WLAN Aps and another device
Essentials/Base Essentials blts-usb libusb, libusb1 4 Not packaged Mainly manual testing
Graphics/Display & Graphics Adaptation blts-fbdev xorg-x11-drv-fbdev 11 Packaged Requires framebuffer
Graphics/Input Adaptation blts-input-devices xorg-x11-drv-evdev, xorg-x11-drv-keyboard, xorg-x11-drv-mouse 11 Packaged Requires configuration
Graphics/OpenGL ES blts-opengles2-perf llvm, mesa 19 Not packaged Benchmark tests
Graphics/X11 blts-x11 49 Packaged Includes benchmark tests
Multimedia/ALSA blts-alsa-core alsa-lib, alsa-core? 9 Packaged Requires configuration
Multimedia/Gstreamer, Multimedia/Codecs mwts-gstreamer gstreamer, gst-plugins-bad-free, gst-plugins-base, libogg, libtheora, libvorbis 180 Not packaged Requires test data. Audio and video test cases
Qt/Qt, Qt/Qt Mobility mwts-network Qt Bearer in Qt5?
Qt/Qt mwts-systeminfo qt 3 Not packaged In Qt5?
Qt/Qt, Qt/Qt Mobility mwts-qtmultimedia qt, qt-mobility 17 Not packaged In Qt5?, Recording, image viewing, FM radio
Qt/Qt, Qt/Qt Mobility mwts-sensors qt, qt-mobility 13 Not packaged In Qt5?

MeeGo test assets

List of core packages

Package groups

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