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Licenses per packages (not necessarily conclusive, taken from almost clean system), proprietary packages:

This still needs some work, like assigning each openly licensed package with a source code repository. This will be a large task, but can be done if community really needs to know where the sources are.


Non OSS packages

Name Summary License Source
aliendalvik Myriad Alien Dalvik Myriad Group AG.
all-translations-pack Collection of all translations in one binary rpm Jolla
ambienced Ambience backend TBD
ambient-icons-closed Icons for applications Proprietary
as-daemon ActiveSync Daemon application Proprietary
as-daemon-all-translations-pack Collection of all as-daemon translations in one binary rpm Jolla
bluez-configs-sailfish Bluetooth configuration for Sailfish Proprietary
connman-configs-sailfish Connman configuration for Sailfish Proprietary
csd SailfishOS CSD tool Proprietary
declarative-transferengine-qt5 Sailfish declarative bindings for Nemo Transfer Engine. TBD
droid-system-sbj Droid BSP for sbj Proprietary
droid-system-sbj-users Package that creates users and groups for the droid system Proprietary
eventsview-extensions Extension plugins to the events view TBD
eventsview-extensions-facebook-notifications Provides events view extensions for displaying Facebook notifications TBD
eventsview-extensions-twitter-posts Provides events view extensions for displaying Twitter posts TBD
fastdormancyd Client executable for oFono OEM RAW HOOK interface Proprietary
feature-eas Feature for supporting EAS Proprietary
feature-xt9 Feature for supporting xt9 Proprietary
flash-partition Tool for flashing platform images on device. Proprietary
geoclue-provider-here Geoinformation Service Here Provider Proprietary
geoclue-provider-hybris Geoinformation Service Hybris Provider Proprietary
gstreamer0.10-droideglsink droideglsink HW accelerated sink LGPL
here-agreements Here Positioning - User agreement files Proprietary
here-daemons Here Positioning - daemons Proprietary
jolla-actdead-charging Jolla actdead charging animation TBD
jolla-ambient Jolla ambient theme Proprietary
jolla-ambient-sound-theme Jolla Ambient sound theme Proprietary
jolla-ca Jolla CA certificate Other
jolla-camera Jolla Camera application TBD
jolla-camera-settings Setting page for jolla-camera TBD
jolla-common-configurations Common configuration files for all Jolla devices Proprietary
jolla-contacts Jolla Contacts application TBD
jolla-contacts-settings Setting page for jolla-contacts TBD
jolla-developer-mode Developer mode for Jolla devices Proprietary
jolla-developer-mode-profile Development mode SSH profile Proprietary
jolla-devicelock-plugin-encpartition Partition based storage plugin for devicelock with file based added security. Proprietary
jolla-firstsession Hooks run on first start Proprietary
jolla-gallery Jolla Gallery application TBD
jolla-gallery-ambience Jolla Gallery Ambience extension plugin TBD
jolla-gallery-facebook Jolla Gallery Facebook extension plugin TBD
jolla-hacks Hacks for Jolla demo Proprietary
jolla-handwriting Jolla handwriting recognition integration TBD
jolla-keyboard Jolla QML keyboard Proprietary, BSD
jolla-keyboard-hwr Handwriting layout for jolla-keyboard TBD
jolla-messages Jolla Messaging Application TBD
jolla-messages-settings Setting page for jolla-messages TBD
jolla-preload-ambiences Preloaded ambience content Proprietary
jolla-preload-pictures Preloaded gallery content Proprietary
jolla-ringtones Jolla Ringtones Proprietary
jolla-settings Jolla Settings application TBD
jolla-settings-accounts Settings plugin for accounts management Proprietary
jolla-settings-accounts-extensions Service types which can be provided by extension plugins TBD
jolla-settings-accounts-extensions-facebook Extension plugin for Facebook accounts TBD
jolla-settings-accounts-extensions-fruux Extension plugin for Fruux sync services (CalDAV, CardDAV) TBD
jolla-settings-accounts-extensions-google Extension plugin for Google accounts TBD
jolla-settings-accounts-extensions-jabber Extension plugin for Jabber (XMPP) accounts TBD
jolla-settings-accounts-extensions-jolla Extension plugin for Jolla accounts TBD
jolla-settings-accounts-extensions-memotoo Extension plugin for Memotoo sync services (CalDAV, CardDAV) TBD
jolla-settings-accounts-extensions-onlinesync Extension plugin for generic online sync services (CalDAV, CardDAV) TBD
jolla-settings-accounts-extensions-twitter Extension plugin for Twitter accounts TBD
jolla-settings-accounts-extensions-yahoo Extension plugin for Yahoo! sync services (CalDAV, CardDAV) TBD
jolla-settings-bluetooth Settings plugin for bluetooth Proprietary
jolla-settings-layout Jolla's Settings layout TBD
jolla-settings-networking Settings plugin for networking Proprietary
jolla-settings-sailfishos Settings plugin for Sailfish OS Proprietary
jolla-settings-sync Settings plugin for sync management Proprietary
jolla-settings-system System settings plugin Proprietary
jolla-settings-transferui-qt5 Jolla Transfer UI extension for the Settings FW TBD
jolla-startupwizard Jolla Start-up Wizard TBD
jolla-vault Backup/restore UI application TODO
jolla-vault-units Backup units for standard applications TODO
jolla-xt9 Jolla Xt9 integration TBD
jolla-xt9-cp Jolla Xt9 China integration TBD
libas-common-utils ActiveSync plugin for QMF Nokia
libas-protocol Mail for Exchange. ActiveSync protocol library Nokia
libgstreamer0.10-gralloc gstreamer gralloc library LGPL
libgstreamer0.10-nativebuffer gstreamer native buffer library LGPL
libherepositioning Here Positioning library Proprietary
libofonooemraw Client library for oFono OEM RAW HOOK interface Proprietary
libsailfishkeyprovider-data-jolla Library containing the Jolla OAuth2 keys Proprietary
lipstick-jolla-home-qt5 Jolla homescreen for lipstick Proprietary
lipstick-jolla-home-qt5-components Components for Jolla homescreen for lipstick Proprietary
mapplauncherd-booster-silica-qt5 Application launch booster for Silica on QtQuick2 TBD
mapplauncherd-privileges-jolla Library containing the Jolla application privileges Proprietary
mtp-vendor-configuration-sailfish Vendor configuration example for MTP Proprietary
ngfd-settings-sailfish NGFD configuration for Sailfish Proprietary
obexd-configs-sailfish Bluetooth configuration for Sailfish Proprietary
obexd-contentfilter-helper obexd helper for filtering data to be received Proprietary
partnerspace-launcher Partner Space Launcher TBD
profiled-settings-sailfish Profiled configuration for Sailfish Proprietary
qmf-oauth2-plugin OAuth2 plugin for QMF Proprietary
qtcontacts-sqlite-qt5 SQLite-based plugin for QtPIM Contacts TBD
rescue-password-off Disable default password after first boot Proprietary
sailfish-ca Sailfish CA certificate Other
sailfish-components-accounts-qt5 Sailfish Accounts Components TBD
sailfish-components-accounts-qt5-tools Development tools for sailfish-components-accounts-qt5 TBD
sailfish-components-bluetooth-qt5 Bluetooth UI components TBD
sailfish-components-contacts-qt5 Sailfish contacts UI components TBD
sailfish-components-email-qt5 Sailfish email UI components TBD
sailfish-components-gallery-qt5 Sailfish Gallery UI Components TBD
sailfish-components-media-qt5 Sailfish Media UI Internal Components TBD
sailfish-components-pickers-qt5 Sailfish UX Picker Components TBD
sailfish-components-store Sailfish store UI components TBD
sailfish-components-textlinking Sailfish text linking components TBD
sailfish-components-timezone-qt5 Sailfish timezone UI components TBD
sailfish-silica-background-qt5 Sailfish Silica Components background processing (Qt5) TBD
sailfish-tutorial Sailfish Tutorial Application TBD
sailfish-version SailfishOS (armv7hl,release) TBD
sailfishsilica-qt5 Sailfish Silica Qt Quick UX Components (Qt5) TBD
sbj-platform-images Platform firmware images and flashing tools Proprietary
sbj-version SailfishOS HW Adaptation sbj (armv7hl,release) TBD
sbj-wlan sbj WLAN Driver Proprietary
ssu-vendor-data-jolla Sample vendor configuration data Proprietary
store-client Jolla Store Client LICENSE
systemd-config-sailfish Sailfish configuration for systemd Proprietary
tohd The Other Half Daemon for Jolla mobile phones Proprietary
tohd-plugin-nfc-nxp NFC plugin for The Other Half Daemon for Jolla mobile phones Proprietary
transferengine-plugins Share plugins for nemo transfer engines TBD
voicecall-ui-jolla Jolla Phone application TBD
voicecall-ui-jolla-settings Setting page for jolla-voicecall TBD

OSS packages

Name Summary License Source
PackageKit Package management service GPLv2+
PackageKit-Qt5 Qt support library for PackageKit GPLv2+
PackageKit-glib GLib libraries for accessing PackageKit LGPLv2+
PackageKit-zypp PackageKit zypp backend GPLv2+
alsa-lib The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) library LGPLv2+
alsa-plugins-pulseaudio Alsa to PulseAudio backend LGPLv2+
apkd Keep FDO Desktop Entry files in sync with .apk files GPL
attr Utilities for managing filesystem extended attributes GPLv2+
augeas-libs Libraries for augeas LGPLv2+
basesystem The skeleton package which defines a simple MeeGo system Public Domain
bash The GNU Bourne Again shell GPLv2+
bluez Bluetooth utilities GPLv2+
bluez-libs Libraries for use in Bluetooth applications GPLv2+
boardname Board vendor/name/version detection tool GPLv2
boost-filesystem Run-Time component of boost filesystem library Boost and MIT and Python
boost-system Run-Time component of boost system support library Boost and MIT and Python
btrfs-progs Btrfs helper utilities GPLv2
busybox Single binary providing simplified versions of system commands GPLv2
busybox-symlinks-dhcp Busybox dhcp utilities GPLv2
busybox-symlinks-gzip Busybox replacements for gzip GPLv2
buteo-mtp-qt5 MTP library LGPLv2.1
buteo-mtp-qt5-sync-plugin MTP plugin for buteo-sync LGPLv2.1
buteo-sync-plugin-caldav Syncs calendar data from CalDAV services LGPLv2.1
buteo-sync-plugin-carddav Syncs calendar data from CardDAV services LGPLv2.1
buteo-sync-plugins-qt5 Synchronization plugins LGPLv2.1
buteo-syncfw-qt5 Synchronization backend LGPLv2.1
buteo-syncfw-qt5-msyncd Buteo sync daemon LGPLv2.1
buteo-syncml-qt5 SyncML library for MeeGo sync LGPLv2.1
bzip2 A file compression utility BSD
bzip2-libs Libraries for applications using bzip2 BSD
ca-certificates The Mozilla CA root certificate bundle Public Domain
cairo A vector graphics library LGPLv2 or MPLv1.1
check A unit test framework for C LGPLv2+
commhistory-daemon Communications event history database daemon LGPL
connectionagent-qt5 User Agent daemon LGPLv2
connectionagent-qt5-declarative Declarative plugin for connection agent. LGPLv2
connman Connection Manager GPLv2
connman-qt5 Qt bindings for connman Apache License
connman-qt5-declarative Declarative plugin for Qt Quick for connman-qt Apache License
connman-test Test Scripts for Connection Manager GPLv2
contactsd Telepathy <> QtContacts bridge for contacts LGPLv2
cor Just another C++/C library LGPL21
coreutils The GNU core utilities: a set of tools commonly used in shell scripts GPLv2+
crda Central regulatory domain agent for 802.11 wireless networking ISC
curl A utility for getting files from remote servers (FTP, HTTP, and others) MIT
cutes-js Javascript libraries for cutes LGPL21
cutes-json-js Canonical javascript json parser Public Domain
cutes-narwhal Narwhal javascript library MIT
cutes-qt5 QtScript environment and "interpreter" LGPLv2
db4 The Berkeley DB database library (version 4) for C BSD
db4-utils Command line tools for managing Berkeley DB (version 4) databases BSD
dbus D-Bus message bus GPLv2+ or AFL
dbus-glib GLib bindings for D-Bus AFL/GPL
dbus-libs Libraries for accessing D-Bus GPLv2+ or AFL
dbus-python D-Bus Python Bindings MIT
dconf simple configuration storage system LGPLv2.1+
deltarpm Create deltas between rpms BSD
desktop-file-utils Utilities for manipulating .desktop files GPLv2+
diffutils A GNU collection of diff utilities GPLv2+
droid-sans-fonts A humanist sans serif typeface ASL 2.0
droid-sans-mono-fonts A humanist monospace sans serif typeface ASL 2.0
droid-serif-fonts A contemporary serif typeface ASL 2.0
droid-system-packager Droid BSP packager BSD-3-Clause
droid-tools Some tools from android Apache2, BSD, or MIT
dsme Device State Management Entity LGPLv2+
e2fsprogs Utilities for managing ext2, ext3, and ext4 filesystems GPLv2
e2fsprogs-libs Ext2/3/4 filesystem-specific shared libraries and headers GPLv2 and LGPLv2
elfutils-libelf Library to read and write ELF files GPLv2 with exceptions
embedlite-components-qt5 EmbedLite components Qt5 Mozilla License
exempi Library for easy parsing of XMP metadata BSD
expat An XML parser library MIT
factory-session Target for factory testing BSD-3-Clause
farstream Libraries for video conferencing applications LGPLv2+
file A utility for determining file types BSD
file-libs Libraries for applications using libmagic BSD
filesystem The basic directory layout for a Linux system Public Domain
findutils The GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs) GPLv2+
fingerterm A terminal emulator with a custom virtual keyboard GPLv2
flac An encoder/decoder for the Free Lossless Audio Codec BSD and GPLv2+
fontconfig Font configuration and customization library MIT
fontpackages-filesystem Directories used by font packages Public Domain
freetype A free and portable font rendering engine FTL or GPLv2+
fuse File System in Userspace (FUSE) utilities LGPLv2+
fuse-libs File System in Userspace (FUSE) libraries LGPLv2+
gawk The GNU version of the awk text processing utility GPLv2+
gconf A process-transparent configuration system LGPLv2+
gdbm GNU Database Routines GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+
geoclue Geoinformation Service LGPLv2
giflib Library for manipulating GIF format image files MIT
git-minimal Core git tools, cut-down version GPL
gittin A library to hangle Git repositories LGPL21
glib-networking Network extensions for GLib LGPLv2
glib2 A library of handy utility functions LGPLv2+
glibc Embedded GLIBC (EGLIBC) is a variant of the GNU C Library (GLIBC) LGPLv2+ and LGPLv2+ with exceptions and GPLv2+
glibc-common Common binaries and locale data for glibc LGPLv2+ and LGPLv2+ with exceptions and GPLv2+
gmime Library for creating and parsing MIME messages GPLv2+
gnupg2 Utility for secure communication and data storage GPLv2+
gnutls A TLS protocol implementation LGPLv2+
gobject-introspection Introspection system for GObject-based libraries GPLv2+, LGPLv2+, MIT
grep The GNU versions of grep pattern matching utilities GPLv2+
gst-av GStreamer plug-in to access libav LGPL-2.1
gst-plugins-bad GStreamer streaming media framework bad plug-ins LGPLv2+ and LGPLv2
gst-plugins-base GStreamer streaming media framework base plug-ins LGPLv2+
gst-plugins-good GStreamer streaming media framework good plug-ins LGPL
gstreamer GStreamer streaming media framework runtime LGPLv2+
gstreamer0.10-colorconv HW accelerated colorspace converter LGPL v2.1+
gstreamer0.10-droidcamsrc GStreamer source for Android camera hal LGPL v2.1+
gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg GStreamer Streaming-media framework plug-in using FFmpeg. LGPL
gstreamer0.10-omx GStreamer OpenMAX IL wrappers LGPL v2.1+
hunspell A spell checker and morphological analyzer library LGPLv2+ or GPLv2+ or MPLv1.1
hwdata Hardware identification and configuration data GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+
hybris-libsensorfw-qt5 Sensor Framework Qt5 LGPLv2+
hybris-libsensorfw-qt5-configs Sensorfw configuration files LGPLv2+
info A stand-alone TTY-based reader for GNU texinfo documentation GPLv3+
iproute Advanced IP routing and network device configuration tools GPLv2+
iptables Tools for managing Linux kernel packet filtering capabilities GPLv2
iputils Network monitoring tools including ping BSD
iw A nl80211 based wireless configuration tool ISC
jolla-recovery-sbj Jolla Recovery - based on MeeGo OS Loader GPL
jolla-sessions-qt5 Target for Jolla systemd user session with qt5 and wayland Public Domain
jolla-signon-ui Application which provides account signon UI interactions BSD
json-c A JSON implementation in C MIT
kbd Tools for configuring the console (keyboard, virtual terminals, etc.) GPLv2+
kcalcore-qt5 Port of KDE kcalcore calendar library LGPL 2
kernel-adaptation-sbj Kernel Adaptation for sbj GPLv2
kmod Linux kernel module handling GPLv2
kmod-libs Libraries for kmod GPLv2
libICE X.Org X11 libICE runtime library MIT/X11
libSM X.Org X11 libSM runtime library MIT
libX11 X.Org X11 libX11 runtime library MIT
libXau X.Org X11 libXau runtime library MIT
libXdamage X.Org X11 libXdamage runtime library MIT
libXext X.Org X11 libXext runtime library MIT
libXfixes X.Org X11 libXfixes runtime library MIT
libXft X.Org X11 libXft runtime library MIT
libXi X.Org X11 libXi runtime library MIT
libXrender X.Org X11 libXrender runtime library MIT
libXtst X.Org X11 libXtst runtime library MIT
libXv X.Org X11 libXv runtime library MIT
libaccounts-glib Accounts base library LGPLv2.1
libaccounts-glib-tools Tools for libaccounts-glib LGPLv2.1
libaccounts-qt5 Accounts framework (Qt binding) LGPLv2.1
libacl Dynamic library for access control list support LGPLv2.1
libarchive A library for handling streaming archive formats BSD
libasyncns Asynchronous Name Service Library LGPLv2+
libattr Dynamic library for extended attribute support LGPLv2+
libav Open source audio and video processing tools LGPL-2.0+
libblkid Block device ID library LGPLv2+
libbluez-qt5 Library for accessing bluetooth functionality in Qt Apache License 2.0
libcanberra Portable Sound Event Library LGPLv2+
libcap Library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities LGPLv2+
libcom_err Common error description library MIT
libcommhistory-qt5 Communications event history database API LGPL
libcommhistory-qt5-declarative QML plugin for libcommhistory LGPL
libcommhistory-qt5-tools Command line tools for libcommhistory LGPL
libcontacts-qt5 Nemo contact cache library BSD
libcontentaction-qt5 Library for associating content with actions LGPLv2.1
libcurl A library for getting files from web servers MIT
libdbus-qeventloop-qt5 Library that runs the low level D-Bus inside QEventloop LGPLv2.1
libdres Dependency resolver for OHM LGPLv2.1
libdsme DSME dsmesock dynamic library LGPL
libenca Extremely Naive Charset Analyser GPLv2
libenca-libenca0 Extremely Naive Charset Analyser GPLv2
libeventfeed-qt5 D-Bus interface for MeegoTouch Events BSD License
libexif Library for extracting extra information from image files LGPLv2+
libffi A portable foreign function interface library BSD
libgcc GCC version 4.6 shared support library GPLv3+, GPLv3+ with exceptions and GPLv2+ with exceptions
libgcrypt A general-purpose cryptography library LGPLv2+
libgpg-error Library for error values used by GnuPG components LGPLv2+
libgsf GNOME Structured File library LGPLv2
libgudev1 Libraries for adding libudev support to applications that use glib LGPLv2+
libhybris-sbj Hybris allowing us to use bionic-based HW adaptations in glibc systems Apache 2.0
libhybris-sbj-libEGL EGL for hybris Apache 2.0
libhybris-sbj-libGLESv2 GLESv2 for hybris Apache 2.0
libhybris-sbj-libhardware The libhardware wrapping of libhybris Apache 2.0
libhybris-sbj-libnfc The libnfc of libhybris Apache 2.0
libhybris-sbj-libwayland-egl Wayland EGL for hybris Apache 2.0
libical iCalendar library implementation in C (runtime) LGPLv2.1 or MPLv1.0
libicu International Components for Unicode - libraries MIT
libicu52 International Components for Unicode - libraries MIT and UCD and Public Domain
libidn Internationalized Domain Name support library LGPLv2.1+
libiodata-qt5 Library for input/ouput data LGPLv2
libiphb API for IP Heartbeat service LGPLv2+
libiptcdata IPTC tag library LGPLv2
libjollasignonuiservice-qt5 Library containing the Jolla signonui service implementation BSD
libjollasignonuiservice-qt5-plugin QML plugin for libjollasignonuiservice BSD
libjpeg-turbo A library for manipulating JPEG image format files IJG
libkeepalive CPU and display keepalive and scheduling library LGPLv2.1
libksba X.509 library GPLv2+
liblua The Lua library MIT
libmediaart Library for handling media art GPLv2
libmeegotouchevents-qt5 D-Bus interface for MeegoTouch Events BSD License
libmlocale-qt5 Contains classes MLocale and friends originally from libmeegotouch LGPLv2
libnemotransferengine-qt5 Transfer engine library. LGPLv2.1
libngf Non-graphic feedback C-based client library LGPL 2.1
libngf-qt5 Qt-based client library for Non-Graphic Feedback daemon LGPLv2.1
libngf-qt5-declarative Declarative plugin for NGF clients LGPLv2.1
libnice GLib ICE implementation LGPLv2 and MPLv1.1
libnl Convenience library for kernel netlink sockets LGPL
libogg The Ogg bitstream file format library BSD
libpng A library of functions for manipulating PNG image format files zlib
libprofile-qt5 Qt5 library for profiles LGPLv2.1
libprolog A convenience library Nokia policy engine prolog library LGPLv2.1
libqapk Library for inspecting Android application package files (APK) Apache2 unpublished
libqmfclient1-qt5 Qt Messaging Framework (QMF) client library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
libqmfmessageserver1-qt5 Qt Messaging Framework (QMF) message server support library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
libqofono-qt5 A library of Qt 5 bindings for ofono LGPLv2.1
libqofono-qt5-declarative Declarative plugin for libqofono LGPLv2.1
libqt5sparql Library for accessing RDF stores LGPLv2
libqt5sparql-tracker-direct Tracker driver package for libqt5sparql LGPLv2
libqtwebkit5 Web content engine library for Qt - core runtime files BSD and LGPLv2+
libqtwebkit5-widgets Web content engine library for Qt - GUI runtime files BSD and LGPLv2+
libquillmetadata-qt5 Qt based library for still image metadata manipulation LGPLv2
libresource MeeGo resource management low level C API libraries LGPLv2.1
libresourceqt-qt5 Resource Policy Qt API LGPLv2.1
libsailfishapp Sailfish Application Library LGPL
libsailfishkeyprovider Library providing access to decoded OAuth2 keys LGPLv2.1
libsbc SBC library GPLv2
libshadowutils Functions from Shadow Tool Suite as shared library BSD
libsignon-glib GLib wrapper for single signon framework LGPLv2.1
libsignon-qt5 Single Sign On Qt library LGPLv2.1
libsndfile Library for reading and writing sound files LGPLv2+
libsocialcache A library that manages data from social networks LGPLv2.1
libsocialcache-qml-plugin QML plugin for libsocialcache LGPLv2.1
libsolv-tools A new approach to package dependency solving BSD 3-Clause
libsolv0 A new approach to package dependency solving BSD 3-Clause
libsoup Soup, an HTTP library implementation LGPLv2
libss Command line interface parsing library MIT
libstdc++ GNU Standard C++ Library GPLv3+, GPLv3+ with exceptions and GPLv2+ with exceptions
libtasn1 This is the ASN.1 library used in GNUTLS LGPLv2.1+
libtheora Theora Video Compression Codec BSD
libtiff Library of functions for manipulating TIFF format image files libtiff
libtool-ltdl Runtime libraries for GNU Libtool Dynamic Module Loader LGPLv2+
libtrace A simple tracing library with keyword filtering support LGPLv2.1
libusb A library which allows userspace access to USB devices LGPLv2+
libusb1 A library which allows userspace access to USB devices LGPLv2+
libuser A user and group account administration library LGPLv2+
libutempter A privileged helper for utmp/wtmp updates LGPLv2
libuuid Universally unique ID library BSD
libvisual Abstraction library for audio visualisation plugins LGPLv2+
libvorbis The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec BSD
libwbxml2 Library to parse, encode and handle WBXML documents LGPLv2.1
libwspcodec WSP encoder and decoder library GPLv2
libxcb A C binding to the X11 protocol MIT
libxkbcommon Xorg X11 common xkb library MIT
libxml2 Library providing XML and HTML support MIT
libxslt Library providing the Gnome XSLT engine MIT
libzypp Package, Patch, Pattern, and Product Management GPL v2 or later
lipstick-glacier-home-qt5 A nice homescreen for Glacier experience BSD
lipstick-qt5 QML toolkit for homescreen creation LGPLv2.1
lsb-release LSB Release Script GPLv2
lsof A utility which lists open files on a Linux/UNIX system zlib
lzo Data compression library with very fast (de)compression GPLv2+
maliit-framework-wayland Core libraries of Maliit and server (Lipstick/Wayland environment) LGPLv2.1
maliit-framework-wayland-inputcontext Qt5 plugin for connecting to Maliit input method server LGPLv2.1
mapplauncherd Application launcher for fast startup LGPLv2+
mapplauncherd-qt5 Application launch boosters for Qt5 LGPLv2+
mce Mode Control Entity for Nokia mobile computers LGPLv2
mce-plugin-libhybris Libhybris plugin for Mode Control Entity LGPLv2.1
mer-release Mer release files GPLv2
mkcal-qt5 Extended KDE kcal calendar library port for Maemo LGPLV2
mlite-qt5 Useful classes originating from MeeGo Touch LGPL v2.1
mms-engine MMS engine GPLv2
mobile-broadband-provider-info Mobile Broadband Dataprovider Database Creative Commons Public Domain
mtdev A library to transform all kernel MT events to protocol B (slotted) MIT
multi_c_rehash A c_rehash implementation in C Public domain
ncurses Ncurses support utilities MIT
ncurses-base Descriptions of common terminals MIT
ncurses-libs Ncurses libraries MIT
nemo-gstreamer0.10-interfaces gstreamer interface used for video rendering LGPL2.1+
nemo-password-manager D-Bus Service for changing and generating passwords GPL
nemo-qml-plugin-accounts-qt5 Accounts plugin for Nemo Mobile BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-configuration-qt5 Configuration plugin for Nemo Mobile BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-connectivity Connectivity plugin for Nemo Mobile BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-contacts-qt5 Nemo QML contacts plugin BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-contacts-qt5-tools Development tools for qmlcontacts BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-contextkit-qt5 ContextKit QML bindings LGPLv2
nemo-qml-plugin-dbus-qt5 DBus plugin for Nemo Mobile LGPLv2.1
nemo-qml-plugin-email-qt5 Email plugin for Nemo Mobile BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-messages-internal-qt5 QML plugin for internal messages functionality BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-notifications-qt5 Notifications plugin for Nemo Mobile BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-policy-qt5 Resource policy plugin for Nemo Mobile BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-social-qt5 Social plugin for Nemo Mobile BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-systemsettings System settings plugin for Nemo Mobile BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-thumbnailer-qt5 Thumbnail provider plugin for Nemo Mobile BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-thumbnailer-qt5-libav Video thumbnailer provider BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-time-qt5 Wall clock plugin for Nemo Mobile BSD
nemo-qml-plugin-utilities-qt5 Utilities plugin for Nemo Mobile LGPLv2.1
nemo-qtmultimedia-plugins-gstvideotexturebackend QtMultimedia QML VideoOutput backend for GStreamer NemoVideoTexture interface BSD
nemo-theme-default Nemo Mobile default theme BSD/LGPLv2.1
nemo-theme-glacier Nemo Mobile Glacier UI theme CC BY-SA 3.0
nemo-transferengine-qt5 Transfer Engine for uploading media content and tracking transfers. LGPLv2.1
net-tools Basic networking tools GPL+
ngfd Non-graphic feedback service for sounds and other events LGPL 2.1
nspr Netscape Portable Runtime MPLv1.1 or GPLv2+ or LGPLv2+
nss Network Security Services MPLv2
nss-softokn-freebl Freebl library for the Network Security Services MPLv2
nss-sysinit System NSS Initilization MPLv2
obex-capability Simple tool for generating OBEX capability files GPLv2
obexd D-Bus service for Obex Client access GPLv2+
obexd-calldata-provider Provide read-only access to contacts and call history over D-Bus Prop
obexd-server a server for incoming OBEX connections GPLv2+
ofono Open Source Telephony GPLv2
ohm Open Hardware Manager LGPLv2.1
ohm-plugin-accessories Sensor OHM plugin for device accessories LGPLv2.1
ohm-plugin-core Common ohm libraries LGPLv2.1
ohm-plugin-media Media playback enforcement point for OHM LGPLv2.1
ohm-plugin-profile OHM plugin for profile LGPLv2.1
ohm-plugin-resolver OHM dependency resolver plugin LGPLv2.1
ohm-plugin-ruleengine A prolog-based OHM rule engine plugin LGPLv2.1
ohm-plugin-signaling Signaling plugin for OHM LGPLv2.1
ohm-plugin-telephony Telephony plugin for OHM LGPLv2.1
ohm-plugins-dbus DBus plugins for OHM LGPLv2.1
ohm-plugins-misc A miscallaneous set of Nokia OHM plugins LGPLv2.1
oneshot Hooks run on first start GPLv2
openobex Library for using OBEX GPLv2+
openssh The OpenSSH implementation of SSH protocol versions 1 and 2 BSD
openssh-clients The OpenSSH client applications BSD
openssh-server The OpenSSH server daemon BSD
openssl-libs A general purpose cryptography library with TLS implementation OpenSSL
orc The Oil Run-time Compiler BSD
pacrunner Proxy configuration daemon GPLv2
pacrunner-cutes Pacrunner javascript plugin using cutes GPL21
pam An extensible library which provides authentication for applications BSD and GPLv2+
pango System for layout and rendering of internationalized text LGPLv2+
passwd The passwd utility for setting/changing passwords using PAM BSD or GPLv2+
pcre Perl-compatible regular expression library BSD
pixman Pixel manipulation library MIT
pm-utils Power management utilities and scripts for Moblin GPLv2
policy-settings-common Common policy settings GPLv2
polkit PolicyKit Authorization Framework LGPLv2+
poppler PDF rendering library GPLv2
poppler-glib PDF rendering library (GLib-based shared library) GPLv2
popt C library for parsing command line parameters MIT
preinit-plugin-sbj Preinit plugins for sbj GPLv2
prelink An ELF prelinking utility GPLv2+
procps System and process monitoring utilities GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+
profiled Profile daemon, manages user settings LGPLv2.1
prolog-resourcepolicy-extensions Prolog extensions for the resource policy framework LGPLv2.1
provisioning-service OTA provisioning service GPLv2
psmisc Utilities for managing processes on your system BSD/GPLv2+
pth The GNU Portable Threads library LGPLv2+
pulseaudio General purpose sound server LGPLv2+
pulseaudio-modules-droid-sbj PulseAudio Droid HAL modules LGPLv2.1+
pulseaudio-modules-nemo-common Common libs for the Nemo PulseAudio modules LGPLv2.1+
pulseaudio-modules-nemo-mainvolume Mainvolume module for PulseAudio LGPLv2.1+
pulseaudio-modules-nemo-parameters Algorithm parameter manager module for PulseAudio LGPLv2.1+
pulseaudio-modules-nemo-stream-restore Modified version of the original stream-restore module for PulseAudio LGPLv2.1+
pulseaudio-policy-enforcement Pulseaudio module for enforcing policy decisions in the audio domain LGPLv2.1
pygobject2 Python 2 bindings for GObject LGPLv2+
python An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language Python
python-libs Runtime libraries for Python Python
qmsystem-qt5 QmSystem library LGPLv2
qt-components-qt5 Qt Quick UX Components BSD
qt5-eglfs-qcom-hwcomposer-plugin Eglfs hwcomposer for QCOM 4.1.2 hwcomposer LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-feedback-haptics-ffmemless Plugin which provides haptic feedback via ffmemless ioctl LGPLv2.1
qt5-plugin-bearer-connman Connman bearer plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-plugin-generic-evdev evdev generic plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-plugin-imageformat-gif Gif image format plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-plugin-imageformat-ico Ico image format plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-plugin-imageformat-jpeg JPEG image format plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-plugin-platform-minimal Minimal platform plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-plugin-position-geoclue Qt Positioning plugin for Geoclue LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-plugin-sqldriver-sqlite Sqlite sql driver plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin-sbj Qt 5 QPA hwcomposer plugin (sbj variant) LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qt3d Qt 3D LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtconcurrent QtConcurrent library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtcore The QtCore library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdbus The QtDBus library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative Qt Declarative library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-import-folderlistmodel Qt Declarative folderlistmodel plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-import-localstorageplugin Qt LocalStorage plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-import-location QtDeclarative location import LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-import-models2 Qt Declarative models plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-import-multimedia QtQml multimedia import LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-import-particles2 Qt Declarative Particles plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-import-positioning QtDeclarative positioning import LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-import-qtquick2plugin Qt Declarative QtQuick 2 support plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-import-sensors QtQml sensors import LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-import-window2 Qt Declarative Window plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-import-xmllistmodel Qt Declarative XmlListModel plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-qtquick Qt Declarative - QtQuick library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-qtquickparticles Qt Declarative - QtQuick Particles library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdeclarative-systeminfo Qt system info import for QtDeclarative LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtdocgallery Qt document gallery optional module LGPL 2
qt5-qtfeedback Qt Feedback LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtgraphicaleffects Qt Graphical Effects LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtgui The QtGui Library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtlocation The QtLocation library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtmultimedia Qt Multimedia module LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtmultimedia-gsttools Qt Multimedia - Utility library for GStreamer media services LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-mediaservice-gstcamerabin Qt Multimedia - GStreamer camerabin video capture media service LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-mediaservice-gstmediacapture Qt Multimedia - GStreamer video4linux2 video capture media service LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-mediaservice-gstmediaplayer Qt Multimedia - GStreamer playback media service LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-resourcepolicy-resourceqt Qt Multimedia - libresourceqt resource policy plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtnetwork The QtNetwork library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtopengl The QtOpenGL library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtpim-contacts Qt PIM Contacts LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtpim-versit Qt PIM Versit LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtpositioning The QtPositioning library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtprintsupport The QtPrintSupport LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtqml-import-webkitplugin Qt WebKit QML plugin BSD and LGPLv2+
qt5-qtqml-import-webkitplugin-experimental Qt WebKit Experimental QML plugin BSD and LGPLv2+
qt5-qtquickcontrols Qt Quick Controls LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtquickcontrols-nemo Nemomobile Qt Quick Controls LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtquickcontrols-nemo-examples Examples to showcase Nemo UI components LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtsensors Qt Sensors module LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtsensors-plugin-sensorfw sensorfw sensors plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtserviceframework Qt Service Framework LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtsql The QtSql library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtsvg Qt scripting module LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtsvg-plugin-imageformat-svg Qt SVG image format plugin LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtsysteminfo Qt system info LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtv8 Qt Javascript backend LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl Qt Wayland compositor, wayland_egl variant LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtwebkit-uiprocess-launcher Web content engine library for Qt - WebKit2 process launcher BSD and LGPLv2+
qt5-qtwidgets The QtWidgets library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtxml The QtXml library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qt5-qtxmlpatterns Qt XML Patterns library LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
qtaround QtAround library LGPL21
qtmozembed-qt5 Qt embeddings for Gecko Mozilla License
qtscenegraph-adaptation Scenegraph adaptation from playground LGPLv2.1 with exception or GPLv3
quazip ZIP for Qt LGPL
quillimagefilter-qt5 Qt based library for individual image processing operations LGPLv2
readline A library for editing typed command lines GPLv2+
recode Conversion between character sets and surfaces GPLv2+
rootfiles The basic required files for the root user's directory Public Domain
rpm The RPM package management system GPLv2+
rpm-libs Libraries for manipulating RPM packages GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+ with exceptions
rsync A program for synchronizing files over a network GPLv3+
sailfish-browser Sailfish Browser MPLv2
sailfish-browser-settings Browser plugin for Jolla Settings MPLv2
sailfish-fonts Sailfish platform fonts OFL (Sail Sans Pro), GPLv2 (WenQuanYi Zen Hei), Apache License v2.0 (Roboto)
sbj-configs Some configs for sbj adaptations GPLv2
sbj-policy-settings Policy settings for sbj hw GPLv2
sbj-pulseaudio-settings PulseAudio settings for sbj hw GPLv2
screen A screen manager that supports multiple logins on one terminal GPLv2+
sd-utils SailfishOS scripts to mount/umount external sdcard. MIT
sdk-deploy-rpm Tool to install rpm packages. BSD
sed A GNU stream text editor GPLv2+
sensorfw-qt5 Sensor Framework Qt5 LGPLv2+
setup A set of system configuration and setup files Public Domain
shadow-utils Utilities for managing accounts and shadow password files BSD and GPLv2+
shared-mime-info Shared MIME information database GPL
signon-plugin-oauth2-qt5 Plugin which provides oauth and oauth2 authentication enablers to signond LGPLv2.1
signon-qt5 Single Sign On framework LGPLv2.1
simkit SIM application toolkit Apache
sociald Syncs device data from social services LGPLv2.1
sociald-facebook-calendars Provides calendar synchronisation with Facebook LGPLv2.1
sociald-facebook-contacts Provides contact synchronisation with Facebook LGPLv2.1
sociald-facebook-images Provides image synchronisation with Facebook LGPLv2.1
sociald-facebook-notifications Provides notification synchronisation with Facebook LGPLv2.1
sociald-facebook-posts Provides post synchronisation with Facebook LGPLv2.1
sociald-facebook-signon Provides signon credentials refreshing with Facebook LGPLv2.1
sociald-google-calendars Provides calendar synchronisation with Google LGPLv2.1
sociald-google-contacts Provides contact synchronisation with Google LGPLv2.1
sociald-google-signon Provides signon credentials refreshing with Google LGPLv2.1
sociald-twitter-notifications Provides notification synchronisation with Twitter LGPLv2.1
sociald-twitter-posts Provides post synchronisation with Twitter LGPLv2.1
sound-theme-freedesktop Sound theme from GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+ and CC-BY-SA and CC-BY
speex A voice compression format (codec) BSD
sqlite Library that implements an embeddable SQL database engine Public Domain
ssu SSU enabler for RND GPLv2
ssu-network-proxy-plugin Network Proxy support for ssu GPLv2
statefs Syntetic filesystem to expose system state LGPLv2
statefs-contextkit-subscriber Statefs contextkit subscriber adapter for Qt5 LGPLv2
statefs-loader-qt5 Statefs loader to load providers using Qt5 LGPLv2
statefs-pp Statefs framework for C++ providers LGPLv2
statefs-provider-bluez Statefs provider, source - bluez LGPLv2
statefs-provider-connman Statefs provider, source - connman LGPLv2
statefs-provider-keyboard-generic Statefs provider, source - sysfs/udev LGPLv2
statefs-provider-mce Statefs provider, source - mce LGPLv2
statefs-provider-ofono Statefs provider, source - ofono LGPLv2
statefs-provider-profile Statefs provider, source - profiled LGPLv2
statefs-provider-qt5 Package to replace contextkit plugins LGPLv2
statefs-provider-upower Statefs provider, source - upower LGPLv2
statefs-qt5 Statefs Qt bindings LGPLv2
swi-prolog Prolog Interpreter LGPLv2.1
swi-prolog-library-core Minimal library of SWI-Prolog predicates LGPLv2.1
swi-prolog-runtime-lib SWI-Prolog runtime environment dynamic lib LGPLv2.1
systemd A System and Service Manager LGPLv2+ and MIT and GPLv2+
systemd-libs systemd libraries LGPLv2+ and MIT
systemd-user-session-targets Basic targets for systemd user session BSD-3-Clause
taglib Audio Meta-Data Library LGPLv2
tar A GNU file archiving program GPLv2+
telepathy-accounts-signon Telepathy providers for libaccounts/libsignon GPLv2
telepathy-farstream Telepathy client library to handle Call channels LGPLv2+
telepathy-gabble A Jabber/XMPP connection manager LGPLv2+ and BSD
telepathy-glib GLib bindings for Telepathy LGPLv2+
telepathy-mission-control Central control for Telepathy connection manager LGPLv2
telepathy-qt5 Qt 5 Telepathy library GPLv2
telepathy-qt5-farstream Qt 5 Telepathy/Farstream integration GPLv2
telepathy-ring GSM connection manager for the Telepathy framework LGPLv2.1
the-vault Backup/restore middleware and cli LGPL21
time A GNU utility for monitoring a program's use of system resources GPLv2+
timed-qt5 Time daemon LGPLv2
tone-generator Tone generator daemon for call progress indication and DTMF LGPLv2.1
totem-pl-parser Totem Playlist Parser library LGPLv2+
tracker An object database, tag/metadata database, search tool and indexer GPLv2+
tracker-utils Tracker command line applications to lookup data GPLv2+
tumbler D-Bus service for thumbnailing GPLv2+
tzdata Time zone and daylight-saving time data Public Domain
tzdata-timed Data files for the time daemon, timed Public Domain
unzip A utility for unpacking zip files BSD
upower Power Management Service GPLv2+
usb-moded USB mode controller LGPLv2
usb-moded-diagnostics-config USB mode controller - config data for diagnostics mode LGPLv2
usb-moded-pc-suite-mode-android USB mode controller - android pc suite mode config LGPLv2
usbutils Linux USB utilities GPLv2+
util-linux A collection of basic system utilities GPLv2 and GPLv2+ and BSD with advertising and Public Domain
v8 JavaScript Engine BSD-3-Clause
vault Incremental backup/restore framework LGPL21
vim-minimal A minimal version of the VIM editor Vim
vmtouch Tool to touch and lock files into memory BSD
voicecall-qt5 Dialer engine for Nemo Mobile Apache License, Version 2.0
wayland wayland compositor MIT
wireless-regdb 802.11 wireless networking regulatory database ISC
wireless-tools Wireless ethernet configuration tools GPL+
wpa_supplicant WPA/WPA2/IEEE 802.1X Supplicant GPLv2
xdg-user-dirs Handles user special directories GPL
xdg-utils Desktop integration utilities from MIT
xkeyboard-config Alternative xkb data files MIT
xorg-x11-filesystem X.Org X11 filesystem layout MIT
xulrunner-qt5 XUL runner Mozilla License
xz LZMA compression utilities LGPLv2+
xz-libs Libraries for decoding LZMA compression LGPLv2+
zlib The zlib compression and decompression library zlib and Boost
zypper Command line software manager using libzypp GPL v2 or later


Command for extraction (Non-OSS and OSS), used by locusf

rpm -qa --queryformat '%{name}, %{version}, %{license}\n \n'|grep -e "Proprietary" -e "TBD" -e "TODO"
rpm -qa --queryformat '> %{name}, %{version}, %{license}\n'|grep -v -e "Proprietary" -e "TBD" -e "TODO"

Python script to parse data and format, used by SK_work Will be pushed to github at some point.

f = open("rpms", 'r')
proprietary = ["Proprietary", "TBD", "TODO", "Nokia", "LICENSE", "Jolla", "Myriad Group AG.", "Other", "Proprietary, BSD"]

ossEntries = []
propEntries = []

# Load old source entries
sources = {}
oss = open("out-oss.txt", 'r')
for line in oss:
	line = line.replace("", "")
	splitted = line.split("||")
	if len(splitted) == 4:
		name = splitted[0].replace("|", "").strip()
		source = splitted[3].strip()
		if len(source) > 0:
			sources[name] = source

print("Old sources found %s" % len(sources))

for line in f:
	splitted = line.strip().split(';')
	if len(splitted) == 4:
		name = splitted[0]
		license = splitted[2]
		source = ""
		if name in sources:
			source = sources[name]
		if "" in splitted[3] or "" in splitted[3]:
		    source = splitted[3]
		entry = (splitted[0], splitted[1], license, source)
		if not name.startswith("harbour"):
			if license in proprietary:

ossEntries = sorted(ossEntries, key=lambda entry: entry[0])
propEntries = sorted(propEntries, key=lambda entry: entry[0])

print("OSS packages found %s" % len(ossEntries))
print("Proprietary packages found %s" % len(propEntries))

def writeFile(file, entries):
	out = open(file, 'w')
	out.write("{| class=\"wikitable sortable\"\n")
	out.write(" ! Name !! Summary !! License !! Source \n")
	for entry in entries:
		out.write(" |-\n")
		out.write(" | " + entry[0] + " || " + entry[1] + " || " + entry[2] + " || " + entry[3] + "\n")
	out.write(" |}\n")

writeFile("out-oss.txt", ossEntries)
writeFile("out-prop.txt", propEntries)
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