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WIP Over-the-Air updates (OTA)

  1. Open shell with normal nemo user
  2. You can be on any Sailfish OS version you have installed before
  3.  Ensure that sailfish_latest_(architecture) repo on OBS points to the version you'll OTA to for best results (ping us on IRC if not sure)

Currently available OTA versions:

  • for Nexus 4:,,
  • for Nexus 5:,
  • (we're also coding an OTA update checker, sync with mal- at IRC and help with that!)
RELEASE=<the version> # e.g. RELEASE=

devel-su sed -i -e 's#^adaptation=.*$#adaptation=' \

ssu dr adaptation0

ssu release $RELEASE

ssu lr
# ^ double-triple check that no -two- enabled repos point to the same URL

# You may have many of OpenRepos enabled. It's recommended to disable them, even
# though version --dup will do its best-effort to isolate repositories:
ssu lr | grep openrepos

devel-su zypper clean -a
devel-su zypper ref -f

version --dup
# if above fails, try again
version --dup

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