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Requirements for installation

  • Base Android zip: {{{android_zip}}}
  • Latest Sailfish OS release: [{{{sfos_installation}}}]
  • Computer with adb and fastboot installed
  • Patience and luck

Installation steps

  • Install Android base zip by following instructions: {{{android_installation}}}
  • Install the Sailfish OS zip on top of that Android base
  • Reboot

Report bugs

  • Software-related bugs (Sailfish OS): first search in If not found, add your question and tag with "porting"
  • App bugs (e.g. an app doesn't scale well on different screens): contact its developer
  • Problems which depend on hardware: search existing; add new
  • Please do not contact Jolla Care, Jolla Developer Care or phone's maker (e.g. LG, OnePlus, Google), as this is the Sailfish OS community's build for other phones
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