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Using Glacier Home on Jolla -- Notes

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These are my notes after using Glacier UI homescreen for a day (or maybe a week) on Jolla

These aren't sorted in any way I'm just adding to the list as I encounter things

  • Call doesn't stay in front (incoming) but raises the phone app instead FIXED: see below
  • Browser opens okay via tweetian FIXME: see below
  • Fingerterm doesn't open okay via shellex FIXME: see below
  • Last used app not first in card view WONTFIX: window model decides order
  • Pin entry falsely claims no pin required when pin entered for the first time.
  • Pin entry dialog should go away automatically FIXED
  • Locking and unlocking via the button brings the last app over the lock screen FIXED
  • Browser shortcuts have no icons NEEDSINFO we need a new icon for them :)
  • Opening new link in tweetian when browser is open diesn't bring it to the front
  • Landscape doesn't work WONTFIX
  • Transparent notifications, that don't resize the window WONTFIX And cannot resize the window as it is a separate notification window in compositor
  • No charging indicator (icon) in status bar NEEDSINFO We need an icon for it, the status is simple EDIT icon is here now
  • Something might be fishy with charging but I'm not sure, maybe it's my charger (when I plug it in, usb dialog pops up "charging only" and if I just ignore it, it still seems to discharge.
  • Spinner still plays after app has launched (launch a fast app like flashlight and close it immediately, spinner is still spinning) WONTFIX No information provided on when app stops launching, cannot stop in mid animation ---> Doesn't the window come forward?

Day 2

  • Tweetian crashes before close with
  [W] socketNotifierSourceCheck:88 - QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 5 and type 'Read', disabling...
  Wayland display got fatal error 32: Broken pipe
  Additionally, errno was set to 32: Broken pipe
  The display is now unusable, aborting.

and fails to save state

  • Battery life takes a hit, SbJ was dead at around 1900 hours, with jolla-home it's around 30% at 0000 the next day
  • tapping on notifications on the left pane doesn't bring up the app
  • can't swipe call ui away while in call (for example to see/take a note)

Day 3

  • Open apps do not come forward when launcher icon clicked
  • Long notifications do not wrap and bleed out in launcher screen
  • Call UI minimizes while in call if you cover the proximity sensor

Showstoppers ranked by severity

0. Battery life

1. Browser doesn't launch from homescreen FIXME hwcomposer restarts on browser or terminal launch, reason unknown

workaround: Install tweetian and open a link. Don't close the browser, and you will have a usable session
workaround2: Use webcat

2. Landscape doesn't work WONTFIX We currently have only Page as the parent item for lipstick, ApplicationWindow would support rotation but won't work on lipstick, long story

3. Locking and unlocking via the button brings the last app over the lock screen: Important as it might lead to accidental calls FIXED

workaround: always lock when in homescreen. By forgetting the button and only using the gestures the problem doesnt manifest

4. Call UI hides behind phone application when call is incoming: might cause to miss a call FIXED

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