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Vivaldi Tablet




Download the following kickstart into your home accessible to the SDK

Build an Image

Install the Mer Platform SDK ,

Install extlinux, using the following command

sudo zypper install syslinux-extlinux

Use the following command line to build an image

sudo mic create raw plasmaactive-armv7l-c71-devel.ks -o . --pkgmgr=yum --arch=armv7l --logfile=spark-build.log

Pre-Built Image (23 March 2012) at

Write to sdcard

sudo dd of=/dev/sdd if=plasmaactive-armv7l-c71-devel-cardblksd.raw bs=4M

Until the kernel is packaged you will need to add the following files to the sdcard image

Copy the following to the first partition so you end up with the uImage at the top level dir

Copy following to the second partition at /lib/modules so you end up with /lib/modules/2.6.34

After untarring the files depending on which model (look at the serial number) you have put the following new kernel in the root of the boot partition, rename to uImage_cwm


insmod /boot/8192cu.ko
cd /usr/lib/connman/test
./test-connman enable wifi
./connect-service SSID password

If you have WEP set on your router use

./connect-service SSID password wep

I'll add the insmod to the next image

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