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Keep sfos on A slot.

Installing image

There is no TWRP available so it's csdmplicated. I tried to build image manually but it had corrupted ext4 (for whatever reason). You can install stock on B slot and install sfos from stock (not tested).


- put .tar.bz2 file onto SDCARD
- using fastboot format userdata
  - fastboot format:ext4 userdata
  - fastboot set-active a (formatting userdata will change slot most likely)
- flash kernel
- it will boot to ramdisk then:
  - mkdir /sdcard
  - mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /sdcard
  - cp /sdcard/sfos.tar.bz2 /data/sailfishos-rootfs.tar.bz2
  - Do as this script does (literally copy paste lines)
  - after unpacking reboot and it should be fine

Development bugs:

- PEERSEC is not available which causes droid-hal-init to crash - CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE … is not accessible for the namespace here Fixed by simply changing linked if

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