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Community Workspace/Tegra3/Nexus7

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Mer on Nexus7

DISCLAIMER: This project is not endorsed or supported by any company. This is purely a community based effort.

This page describes the running Mer on Nexus 7 (see Community_Workspace/Tegra3 for commong Tegra3 stuff).

The hardware adaptation is maintained in the project [1]

The Plasma active instructions are quite generic and can be easily adapted to other images as well.

Hardware Adaptation Status

Device Profile Boots Display Touchscreen Wireless Mobile Data H/W Accel. GFX Sensors GPS
Nexus 7 (wifi) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A
Nexus 7 (gprs) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No N/A N/A

Plasma Active on Nexus7


See Community_Workspace/Tegra3/Nexus7/PA_installation.

Known Issues

See Community_Workspace/Tegra3/Nexus7/PA_Known_Issues



If you have issues with the default keyboard you should give this one a try: To install it just:

  zypper ar -G
  zypper up maliit-active libmaliit-quick
  killall -9 maliit-server

Nemo Mobile

Most things should work but virtual keyboard doesn't, which renders everything unusable. The screen shows just black when the keyboard is visible. The same symptom is seen also in Virtual Machines and was fixed by workarounding something in Mesa (which is of course not used on Tegra).

See Community_Workspace/Tegra3/Nexus7/EGL_NOK_issues for details.

Hardware support

Accelerometer / Gyroscope

All files are in /sys/devices/platform/tegra-i2c.2/i2c-2/2-0068/iio:device0

To use mpu6050 (sensor in Nexus 7), set the buffer length ("echo 10 > buffer/length") and enable the buffer ("echo 1 > buffer/enable").

The data can then be read from in_{accel,anglvel}_{x,y,z}_raw.

Touchscreen rotation

There is a modified mtev driver that supports rotation (via the "Swap XY", "Invert X" and "Invert Y" parameters). Xinput <= 1.5.4 needs to be installed (>1.5.4 needs a newer xi library).

The UI can then be rotated via xrandr.

Please note that this doesn't support animations. There are also a few issues (half drawn background, some cursor issues).

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