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= Installation =
= Installation =
* Described in separate [[/Meet_Mer/Installation| Installation page]]
* Described in separate [[/Installation| Installation page]]

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[edit] MeetMer - community dashboard

MeetMer is simple dashboard-ish application written with Ruby on Rails. The primary purpose of MeetMer dashboard is to help #Mer project contributors and other stakeholders monitor their performance and activities. Initial call for action can be found from here

[edit] Development

Application structure will be modular. Each feature such as listing bugs or listing meetings is always a gem. Initial discussion about features is in Mer Bugzilla: Bug 429 - Mer Dashboard

[edit] Deployment

Currently deployment goes through David Greaves, who manually pulls sources from github.

[edit] Source codes

Sources are managed in Github.

[edit] Issue tracking

Current issue tracking is in Github.

[edit] Translations

We will most likely use Transifex.

[edit] Installation

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