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Nemo Mobile has three organisations in the github: nemomobile, nemobile-ux, and nemobile-packages.

nemomobile contains packages/components/configs/etc. where Nemo is the upstream project (nemomobile-ux will contain all Glacier UX packages). This organization can be found from Each repo project contains packaging information which is using the tar_git service

The nemomobile-packages is meant only for packaging information for packages which contain upstream somewhere else and can be found from These are packaged either with git_pkg or tar_git with submodules.

Also there are various upstream repositories around the internet which are used.

As Nemo is using Mer as its core, one should also remember to look into those repositories at

Automated Packaging from git

Setting up a webhook to github

Open the git tree you have. Go to Settings->Service Hooks->WebHook URLs (Guide at Github)and enter to the URL field. Click "Update Settings" and "Test Hook".

NOTE: If you don't see the "Settings" tab as shown here, contact your project admin to give you more rights or ask them to do it for you.

After clicking "Test Hook" the webhooks admin interface will show to the admins that you have active git tree. Now contact on the admins sledges, Sage, or w00t at #nemomobile IRC channel and they will help you to setup the rest of the webhook process. Here the admin asks you what will be the package name and the target obs project where it should go and saves the information to the webhook admin interface. After this you can check the that the information is valid from

Preparing the target project in OBS

NOTE: To user OBS for building you need to have account to the OBS and created a project e.g., home:nemo:xyz. To get an account follow instructions at

NOTE: This is valid only when you are using webhooks outside nemo:* OBS projects, e.g., building with webhooks at home:*.

To make sure that services have rights add the package content to the OBS the obs target project needs to have cibot added as the project maintainer. This can be done with osc:

osc -A maintainer --add=cibot --role=maintainer <TARGET_PROJECT>

Other than above you don't need to do anything else in OBS, as cibot automatically sets up the package and creates the needed files to obs project

With tar_git service

tar_git is the service that is used to package packages where nemomobile is the upstream, which means packages that are located at

File structure

With tar_git service packaging information is carried on the same git branch with the code in rpm/ subdirectory. This directory can contain any files which all are exported to packaging in OBS. Usually the content is just plain spec file:


If more than one .spec, .yaml or .changes is present the one that matches to the "Package" in webhooks will be taken. This allows one to create multiple packages with same source and different .spec file.

tar_git also supports Git submodules.


Changelogs are automatically generated from git commit messages, when ever git commit contains line that contains the following format

[text] Longer messages 


commit 1efda9cf6a950509b26b69c599fbdc89f70104ae
Author: Captain Nemo <>
Date:   Fri Apr 26 15:21:34 2013 +0300

    This is a sample commit message that contains two entries 
    that are picked to the .changes file.

    [packaging] Fixed issues with packaging.
    [binary_x] fix crash when binary_x is called with param -y
    Signed-off-by: Captain Nemo <>

it is added automatically to the next changelog entry when new version is tagged. NOTE: Also should be noted that there MUST be at least one commit between each tag that contains a line shown above so that the changelog will be generated properly. Here is example how the lines above would correspond in .changes file. If tag 0.1 would point to commit 1efda9cf6a950509b26b69c599fbdc89f70104ae above.

* Fri Apr 26 2013 Captain Nemo <> - 0.1
- [packaging] Fixed issues with packaging.
- [binary_x] fix crash when binary_x is called with param -y

NOTE: If you have existing changelog that isn't already in proper format, i.e., git tags and commit messages, you need to add the old .changes file to the rpm/ directory. This .changes file will be is used as a base of the changelog generation and automated changelogs are appended to that. Should be noted that this changes file MUST NOT be updated after adding it to the git tree.

NOTE: If you start from scratch with new package and you start following the changelog convention of tar_git no .changes file should be added to the rpm/ directory.


Tags with tar_git should always be version number that was tagged. For example:


There is also possibility to add prefix if one wants to sort tags or if you have multiple branches from which packages are build and you want to separate those with names.


When ever you do tag on the branch enabled with the webhook, it will automatically launch the tar_git service and the new sources will be downloaded and built on the target project.

Please refer to the tagging format at:


To follow the behaviour of your webhooks you can join to #mer-boss IRC channel @ Freenode. Here is couple of examples of those messages:

< Merbot`> Tag(s) by Developer X in master branch of, which will trigger build in project nemo:devel:mw package nemo-qml-plugins (
< Merbot`> 1 commit(s) pushed by Developer Y to master branch of

If you tagged a package you can click the link and check that everything is ok.

Using submodules with tar_git

When handling upstream packages where one can't use the changlog format in commits or can't push commits as wanted, submodules and tar_git comes very handy. With submodule one can use tar_git easily just by adding packaging and changelog entries in commits. Adding new submodule is easy, for example:

git submodule add libhybris

Which in this case adds as submodule to libhybris directory. Dir structure with submodule looks like

If one wants to checkout certain commit from the specific tree it can be done with normal git commands

cd libhybris
git checkout 2a86e842e9daee1d7a222285cd2b29649e63a0b6

After this commit the change with proper commit message that contains the lines that are picked to changes file, which looks like and after this tag as usual and tar_git handles the rest.

Testing rpm package build before committing

To test sources that have tar_git packaging there is tool called mb2, this can be installed to Mer Platform SDK and comes in package called sdk-utils. The usage is following:

mb2 build -t [sb2-target] rpm/my-package.spec

This automatically downloads and installs the dependencies to the sb2 target you specified and then builds and rpm package from the sources within that sb2 target.

After this you can move the rpm to the target device and install it and test that everything is ok. The rpm filename can be seen in the end of mb2 command if it was successfull. Example below.

Checking for unpackaged file(s): /usr/lib/rpm/check-files /home/sage/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/nemo-mobile-session-13-0.arm
Wrote: /home/sage/rpmbuild/RPMS/armv7hl/nemo-mobile-session-13-0.armv7hl.rpm
Executing(%clean): /bin/sh -e /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.YyhUi6
+ umask 022
+ cd /home/sage/rpmbuild/BUILD
+ cd nemo-mobile-session
+ /bin/rm -rf /home/sage/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/nemo-mobile-session-13-0.arm
+ exit 0

In case you are building dependency packages and need them for sb2 target you can also install it to your target easily

sb2 -t mer-core -R -m sdk-install rpm -Uvh --force /home/sage/rpmbuild/RPMS/armv7hl/nemo-mobile-session-13-0.armv7hl.rpm


Q: I removed a tag remotely and pushed it again, but this didn't trigger the webhook at github?
A: Retag locally and then push again.

With git_pkg service

For packages where Nemo isn't upstream there is plan to use git_pkg instead of tar_git. See for the code. This integration work has not started yet.

Before starting to use git_pkg you need to set following environment variables if using gitpkg <= 0.0.5

export EDITOR=vim
export GIT_AUTHOR_NAME="Developer"


With gitpkg there is the master branch which contains the code, but only the code and no packaging information. The packaging information is located in separate pkg-mer branch.

Create new release

Before doing release you need to tag the version in master branch, e.g.,

git tag 0.26

After this you can do the release

gp_release --ver=0.26

After calling this command EDITOR is opened and you are asked to fill in the changelog information.


Q: I screwed up something when doing gp_release --ver=0.1.1 how can I revert?


git tag -d pkg-mer-0.1.1-1 mer-0.1.1-1;
git checkout pkg-mer && git reset --hard HEAD~1 && git checkout master;

Other stuff

This section is a bit of a guide about how to perform unified development on the software that we (in Nemo) write and maintain.

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