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Non Graphic Feedback in Nemo

Non graphic feedback is for example ringtones, notification tones, blinking LED, vibration, etc. effects meant for providing non graphical information to user. One key element for this in Nemo is NGFD, or Non Graphic Feedback Daemon.

Relevant Components


ngfd has D-Bus API for launching NGF Events. So that everyone wouldn't need to implement the API use themselves, two libraries abstracting the API exist, one for C (libngf) and one for Qt/QML (libngf-qt).

Libraries themselves do not contain any way to list available events, but available events on device can be seen by listing /usr/share/ngfd/events.d/ where usually one configuration file matches one event.

# List all events
$ grep -e '\[.*\]' /usr/share/ngfd/events.d/* | cut -d: -f2

Basic playback with libngf-qt is as simple as

Ngf::Client *client = new Ngf::Client(this);

Writing Events



Events can be played from command line using ngf-client from libngf.

$ ngf-client
simple ngf client
> play ringtone
PLAY (event=ringtone, event_id=1)
Playing (event_id=1)
> stop 1
STOP (event_id=1)
Paused (event_id=1)
Completed (event_id=1)
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