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Nemo Steering Group 2011-01-17

The bot was not working, so copy&paste of the log:

Meeting started Tue Jan 17 11:03:12 2012 UTC.  The chair is stskeepsie. Information about MeetBot at
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13:03 Free-MG [] entered the room.
13:03 stskeepsie welcome to another week of nemo steering group meeting, i'm a little limited by that my server just crashed 5 minutes before the meeting, so bear with my slowness 
#topic Status Mer core still approaching, we decided to include qt 4.8.0 and qtwebkit 2.2.1 so we have (finally) a stable non-rc version
13:05 veskuh #info Mer core still approaching, we decided to include qt 4.8.0 and qtwebkit 2.2.1
13:05 w00t (theoretically stable... )
13:05 stskeepsie yesterday i put out a post about bootstrapping Mer governance, and we should probably before 31st january choose a representative for the Mer advisory board from Nemo Mobile POV
13:06 veskuh #info Mer governance
13:06 stskeepsie any comments on the structure/governance is of course welcome on the mailing list
13:07 veskuh Looks fine. So we have two weeks and this starts beginning of feb?
13:08 stskeepsie right seat's reserved
13:10 Sage so this next mer release is to be released on Thursday if nothing bad is found from prerelease?
13:10 Stskeeps [] entered the room.
13:10 Stskeeps left the room (quit: Changing host).
13:10 Stskeeps [~cvm@Maemo/community/distmaster/Stskeeps] entered the room.
13:10 stskeepsie right, that's what i'm aiming for.. though it might very easily slip to friday
13:11 Sage that is fine. Mainly saying that this means that this weeks nemo release is done with current release
13:11 stskeepsie yes
13:12 Sage so package manager needs to wait until next release anyway, good progress on the qt side. Nice to get stable version in finally. We have updated version of libmeegotuch in Project:MTF:MW atm. with 45 upstream bug fixes. Will be pushing this today to CE:MW:MTF if nobody reports problems.
13:14 stskeepsie there was also no visible build change on change to gnu-style hashes and we now default to DWARF-4 debugging format in Mer
13:14 veskuh Sage: looking good so far
13:14 stskeepsie change=problems
13:14 w00t stskeepsie: any visible improvements?
13:14 MerBot left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
13:14 Sage veskuh: yes, I have been running it on my N900 and Wetab since yesterday and havent spotted anything
13:14 stskeepsie which means Qt debug symbols cut down from 316mb compressed to 166.4mb
w00t: remains to be seen when we do images with the new core
13:15 dm8tbr left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 272 seconds).
13:15 stskeepsie we also started initial moves towards a Mer platform SDK
13:15 veskuh SB2 to be used?
13:16 stskeepsie yes
13:16 veskuh excellent.
13:16 stskeepsie and be a suite of osc/mic/spectacle/etc
#chair stskeeps
13:17 stskeepsie left the room (quit: Quit: leaving).
13:17 Sage did that work 
13:18 Stskeeps dunno, we'll see
13:19 Sage so next Nemo Release is due this Thursday and atm. there haven't been any bug fixes. Some package updates are there though, but no bugfixes.
13:19 veskuh Last release was with new toolchain, and it is best so far IMHO
13:21 Sage There are many things happening in Mer Core so at times people don't see so much movement in Nemo side. Improvements are still hapenning constantly.
13:23 Stskeeps :nod: machine room improvements
13:23 veskuh yep, I think there has been also some work on few new qml apps. xruxa has been working on the qml contacts, w00t: do you have any idea if that would soon be usable?
13:24 w00t I'd need to sync with xruxa and see what he needs / what he's done lately it should be possible if I bump libseaside's SOVERSION and he's got something presentable / usable
13:25 veskuh No hurry, just that the current one has so poor UI that even simple app is an improvement 
13:25 w00t will do that when I see him next
13:26 veskuh Also, somebody was working on qml calendar I think, but do not know if that has progressed at all..
13:26 w00t niqt, iirc
13:26 veskuh I guess we will hear when there is something more complete.
13:26 Sage qml calendar requires probably changes to qt-mobility as well? mkcal stuff?
13:27 w00t it would require a working mobility organizer backend
13:29 Sage :nod:
13:29 veskuh Personally from replacements to MTF apps, i see the contacts as the first priority since current one is so bad. With current SMS I can live with. and calendar we do not even have
13:30 Free-MG left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
13:30 w00t would agree
13:32 veskuh I think we could change the schedule so that we would have these only bi-weekly, since bug triage covers a lot of the practical stuff.
13:33 Stskeeps yes, makes sense
13:33 Sage agrees
13:33 veskuh #info remainder: schedule for meetings is at:
13:37 cxl000 [] entered the room.
13:37 Stskeeps .. i don't have anything else, rest of you?
13:37 Sage nothing more from me
13:37 veskuh nope
13:38 lbt any roadmap?
13:38 Sage lbt: what kind of roadmap?
13:38 Stskeeps documentation, documentation, documentation.. lbt: next release will have the new mer core , at least
13:38 lbt Sage: I was just wondering what deliverables were planned for when
13:39 veskuh lbt: see bugzilla for high 
13:39 lbt and also wondering about Nemo's role as a reference
13:39 lbt veskuh: OK -  wasn't sure about that
13:39 lbt but Stskeeps' point is probably the same
13:40 veskuh That's the theory, in practise everything is volunteer based
13:40 Stskeeps i'm brewing on the kickstarter files today, hopefully we can put them in use from next releae release
13:40 lbt yeah - but direction is good   ... is it worth planning for a documentation sprint?
13:41 veskuh well, backlog of items needing to be documented would be good.
13:41 lbt a review of what we have, bring it up-to-date ... move from meego wiki maybe dedicate one day to it sometime? anyhow... just some thoughts 
13:42 Stskeeps or at least a meeting to make a backlog
13:42 lbt Stskeeps: yep ... that's a good kickoff ... cf SDK meeting
13:42 veskuh Stskeeps: agreed
13:42 Stskeeps okay, let's talk about this during daily work i guess thank you for coming
13:43 veskuh thanks all
13:43 Stskeeps
13:43 #endmeeting
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