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OBS architecture naming

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Repository naming convention

OBS has possibility to have multiple architectures compiled within one repository like shown below:

 <repository name="standard">
   <path project="Mer:Trunk:Base" repository="standard"/>

For Mer, however as we have only one architecture compiled in one repository, we can't use the repository structure shown above, but we need to have one repository per archtiecture. To prevent big mess with naming, it is recommended to follow the following naming convention with the repositories that are used to compile against Mer. The repository name consists of Mer_ after which comes the architecture, like Mer_{i486,i586,armv6el,armv7el,armv7hl}. Example of this in obs meta prj XML format is shown below:

 <repository name="Mer_i486">
   <path project="Mer:Trunk:Base" repository="Mer_i486"/>
 <repository name="Mer_armv7hl">
   <path project="Mer:Trunk:Base" repository="Mer_armv7hl"/>
Mer port name OBS scheduler name RPM architecture bottom and top OBS project name in fakeobs OBS repository name in fakeobs Description
i486 i586 i486 Core:i486 Core_i486 Generic i486+ X86 port
i586 i586 i586, i686 Core:i586 Core_i586 SSSE3 enabled X86 port
armv6l armv7el armv6l Core:armv6l Core_armv6l ARMv6 + VFP port
armv7l armv7el armv7l Core:armv7l Core_armv7l ARMv7 VFPv3-D16 port, softfp ABI
armv7hl armv8el armv7hl Core:armv7hl Core_armv7hl ARMv7 VFPv3-D16 port, hardfp ABI
mipsel mips mipsel Core:mipsel Core_mipsel MIPS32 O32 ABI port, hardfloat
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