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Mer uses Suse's Open Build Service to support collaborative building of binary packages from source and to deliver them via repos.

The OBS handles different architectures and multiple Linux distributions; it can be accessed via a convenient web interface, commandline tools and an extensive API.

OBS is important for Mer's QA as it creates a clean virtual instance for each build and takes care of any dependency changes, rebuilding packages when needed.

It is free software licensed under GPL and developed under the umbrella of the openSUSE project.

There are many installations of OBS; Mer has an OBS that is used to build and verify all code; there is the public Community OBS at

Around OBS

  • BOSS can be used to automate processes around building and publishing packages; eg to automatically create an image when a certain project finishes a build.
  • The IMG service or a local mic2 installation can used to build images using the OBS repos.

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