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Things we ought to fix

If you want to do something from this list please inform people at #nemomobile and mark your name after the task.


  • MCE update to upstream
  • DSME update to upstream
  • Updating DSME package with zypper halts the process. .service file needs a patch.


  • Update phonon to latest upstream


(feel free to pick items off this if you want something to do - though tell me if you do, this is just a list of stuff I want to see done)

  • investigate start-on-UX-up functionality in uxlaunch
  • musicshelf
    • make it use Harmattan's UI
    • SR to CE:Apps after testing
  • ensure components work (
  • applauncher
    • disable meegotouch booster
    • disable booster from settings
    • disable booster from widgetsgallery
  • Integrate new apps (qmlcontacts, qmlsms) - staging area: home:w00t:branches:Project:MTF:Tracker)
    • libseaside: rip out mtf
    • qmlsms: (to replace meego-handset-sms)
    • qmlcontacts (to replace meego-handset-people) this is more or less ready in an early form, just needs blockers finished
    • meego-handset-dialer: make sure new libseaside doesn't break this
  • qmllauncher: a simple stub to launch a main.qml, set up the QDeclarativeView for optimal performance depending on the hardware, -fullscreen switch for use on device, non-fullscreen off device.
  • meegotouch-compositor-gestures: overly sensitive, seems like the delta is being completely ignored... maths is off?
  • qt: investigate Harmattan patch to provide API to set process name etc, used by booster to set window title.
  • lipstick
    • split all C++ elements and QML into plugins
    • add a launcher running state, so it is obvious that an item is trying to start, disallow multiple run attempts
    • fix the status bar to really work, look at stealing the one from Qt Components, once we pluginize
    • fix picking the background from the theme
  • mcompositor: hunt down (and mercilessly slaughter) the bug causing flicker when redirecting/unredirecting windows (appears at least on lenovo)
  • qmlcalc: needs a landscape layout
  • meegotouch-settings-datetimeapplet: Upstream meegotouch settings datetimeapplet patches
  • system: meego graphicssystem on i586 where possible (lenovo, exopc?, ???)
  • system: runtime graphicssystem on n900, n950 patched, need to SR after testing
  • qmldialer: make it usable
    • qml components UI for dialer
    • rip meegotouch out of dialer (hard... peopleitem/callitem use the model functionality)
  • tracker: fixes
    • disable indexing
      • rewrite photos to not need tracker
      • rewrite videos to not need tracker
      • other items?
    • evaluate PIM storage backend
      • qtjsondb
  • Screensaver is hardcoded to uxlaunch


  • Get Virtual Keyboard (Maliit) working well
  • Translate Copy,Paste,Cut and such in QtComponents/Maliit (common_??.qm) (ONGOING)
  • Translate the Display language applet (common_??.qm)
  • Russian or other translation for testing
  • qmlcontacts
    • Finish the UI for Editor
  • Theme work
    • Button for cleaning text entry
    • Graphics for new Contacts
    • Tabs in landscape
    • Buttons for dialogs
  • Bubble
    • Left and Right mode
    • Pass font size as parameter
    • Allow for few color schemes (at least two - received and sent)
    • Check if tiling is faster than scaling
    • Code in
    • Integrate and test with qmlsms
  • New mad-developer from N9
    • Package (tricky bits for with pre/post install scripts creating groups and users)
    • Test
    • get new icon
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