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Tools and Tips to help in debugging

  • Log of console output:
more /home/nemo/.xsession-errors
  • Kernel message buffer:
  • List of all keys and values in gconf:
gconftool-2 -R /
  • Starting dialer with debug output:
killall dialer; dialer -prestart -output-level debug
  • For starting any libmeegotouch -based application with debug output use: "-output-level debug"
  • Checking available keys in contexkt-kit:
zypper install contextkit-tests
  • Checking value of property in contextkit
zypper install contextkit-tests
su - nemo
export DISPLAY=:0
context-listen <KEY>
  • Restarting connman may help in WLAN issues
systemctl restart connman.service
  • Restarting user session which includes, Xorg, home UI, maliit, and all of the other user space daemons.
systemctl restart user-session@1000.service

In addition to these see Mer Debugging guide: Debugging

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